Get the ready-to-launch Telemedicine solution that allows healthcare providers and healthtech startups to provide remote care, boost revenue and increase their reach.

Trust can’t be established through gimmicks nor it can be forced down people’s throats. Many businesses establish services in order to encourage the growth of this trust, which eventually leads to improved business metrics. Hence trust plays a crucial role...

In this Covid-19 impacted world, software applications have become fundamental in every aspect of our living. APIs (Application Programming Interface) are the driving force behind the development of such software...

With this new iOS Chat UI Kit, our customers can easily integrate a beautiful modern chat experience into their applications in just a few hours and can easily customize it to craft a chat interface of their choice.

In this article, we’ll dig deeper into Message Reactions and how this will help you in making real-time messaging more engaging for your application users irrespective of the use-case you want to achieve.

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