With real impact on key metrics like Conversion Rates, Average Order Value, Return Rates, Cart Abandonment Rates, and Customer Lifetime Value it’s time to give live commerce some serious consideration. Let’s quickly explore the blog for confirmation of the same.

Live Stream Shopping can be the missing element that can aid jewelry and luxury goods brands to boost ecommerce Conversion Rates by mirroring the in-store experience that shoppers not only expect but demand.

Here are some benefits and use cases of livestream shopping for jewelry & luxury goods brands.

In this update we have rolled out the much-awaited Multi-host Selling feature of our Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform which will take your live selling game to a whole new level.

So let’s waste no more time and dive right into the Livestream Shopping Updates by Channelize.io.

Channelize.io: Live Stream Shopping Platform recently expanded its capabilities in the latest platform release. 📢

Check out this article by PR Newswire to know about the latest releases and how Channelize.io helps Ecommerce Stores and D2C Brands to leverage the power of Live Selling and Real-time Buyer Engagement!

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