We have exciting news for WooCommerce powered Stores!
The Channelize.io Team announces the addition of Floating Miniplayer functionality and Commerce & Sales Analytics for WooCommerce powered Stores.

Take your shopping shows to the next level with an amazing lineup of game-changing new updates from Channelize.io.
These new updates will help you:
1. Create and Host your Shopping Shows effortlessly
2. Level up your Products Promotion capabilities
3. Sell more from your Shopping Shows

Merely knowing these benefits does not mean brands can make optimal utilization of this ecommerce technology.

For that to happen, they must choose a reliable Live Stream Shopping Platform, like the one offered by Channelize.io, and devise a strategy to sell and market their products. This brings us to the primary concern – How to choose the right Products to promote in Live Shopping Shows?

We’re excited to share some amazing new updates that will further enable you to Host top-notch Shopping Shows on your Ecommerce Website & Apps with our Channelize.io Livestream Shopping Platform. Whether you’re a Livestream Shopping pro or just getting started, you’ll find our new features easy to use and they will definitely benefit you.

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