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Introducing Public Group Conversations

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In our previous product update announcement, we talked about all the new features and capabilities we’ve released in our platform. Public Group Chats and Reactions were the most prominent roll-outs in that. In this article, we’ll dig deeper into Public Group Chats (also known as: Public Group Conversations), and how this will benefit you in […]


Pusher Chatkit Shutdown: Migrate to Chat

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Pusher announced last month that they are discontinuing their Chatkit product, and since then we’ve migrated some of their customers to is a strong replacement for Pusher Chatkit as our Chat API & SDKs offer many more features, and so this is an opportunity for you to provide a better chat experience to […]

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How to find the right In-App Chat Platform

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Curious on how to add In-App Chat functionality? Building Chat functionality seems easy at first but it gets really complicated when you start to think about advanced features and handling chat infrastructure at large scale. To overcome this, there are In-app Chat solutions available, offering you robust features, ease of integration and value-based pricing.  In-App […]

Announcements’s Response to COVID-19

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The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic has led to a global lockdown, canceling all physical events and drastically changing the way everyone around the world has been living. We would like to share some initiatives that we’ve taken for the safety of our team members, and for the benefit of our customers. We’re careful about the wellbeing […]

Platform Features is now HIPAA Compliant!

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Due to the global spread of COVID-19, most of the countries around the world have imposed lockdowns to fight the pandemic. The nature of this viral infection also makes it risky for patients of any ailment to travel to healthcare centers, as they stand a chance to catch the infection. Coronavirus has led to unprecedented […]

Tutorials Chat API User-Authentication Methods

Posted on Chat-Platform-as-a-Service adds feature-rich chat & calling capabilities to apps, which can serve important use-cases for many businesses. Our platform is easy to integrate with our Chat SDKs & API. User Authentication in API ensures that powered Chat is secure. All our Application API calls are tied up with authentication via tokens passed in […]

Best Practices

6 Monetization Strategies to generate Revenue from your App using Chat

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In-App Chat allows Mobile Apps and Websites to improve their User Engagement, and achieve new use-cases. Whether it’s a conversation between – Service Providers and Customers in On-demand Services Apps, Doctors and Patients in Healthcare, Teachers and Parents in Education, Advisors and Investors in Finance Apps, Recruiters and Candidates in Jobs Apps, Attendees in Event […]