Dominate Live Shopping: 5 Features every Brand needs to Maximize Sales

Dominate Live Shopping: 5 Features every Brand needs to Maximize Sales ---- 6 min read

Struggling to get eyes on your Live Shopping Shows?

Imagine this: you’ve poured your heart into crafting the perfect Live Shopping Experience – engaging hosts, exciting products, and unbeatable deals. But when showtime arrives, your buyer audience is crickets. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Attracting viewers to Live Shopping Shows can be a challenge.

Here’s the good news: with the right strategy and tools, you can turn this struggle into a success story. E-commerce and D2C Brands using features of Live Shopping Platform are seeing incredible results, including a 5x higher Conversion Rate, a 3x increase in Session Time, and a 50% reduction in cart Abandonment Rate. These impressive figures aren’t a coincidence – they’re the direct result of features like our Floating Live Video Widget, Email & SMS Notifications, Multi-host Selling and Custom RTMP Support.

In this article, we’ll delve into each of these Features, showcasing how they can help you maximize the effectiveness of your Live Shows and ultimately, drive more Sales and Buyer Engagement. By leveraging, brands can not only overcome the challenge of attracting viewers but also dominate Live Shopping, transforming their Live Selling experience into a powerful tool for success. Let’s dive in and discover how can revolutionize your approach to live shopping!

Floating Live Video Widget

To get good Sales from your Shopping Shows, you must attract a good number of Shoppers. Marketing your Shopping Shows well is a good way to do that.

Another is to get all your Website Visitors to your Shopping Show. Homepage Banners, Header Links are some ways to do that. We further have an effective way to tell your e-commerce website visitors that your Shopping Show is LIVE.

You can embed a Floating Video Widget on all or on selected pages of your website. The widget will become visible to all the users on your website when a live show is happening. This automatically presents a video preview from your Live Shopping Show.

What are the Benefits?

  • You can significantly boost the number of visits to your Live Shopping Shows, making it easy for buyers to engage and shop from your Shopping Shows.
  • This further revolutionizes the way you can sell with powered Live Video Commerce on your Shopify Ecommerce Store. 
  • It is easier for buyers to know about your Shopping Show, and they get an instant and seamless purchasing experience, ultimately generating Sales for your brand!
  • Adding more to this feature, we have done Deeper Integration with Shopify (Shopify App Embed Feature). It is possible for Shopify Admins to easily add Floating Video App Embed to their store without having to add code manually. 

Note: This is for Shopify Merchants who run Theme OS 2.0 on their Shopify Store.

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Email & SMS Notification

To optimize the effectiveness of Live Shopping events, proactive promotion is key. But how can you achieve this?

The answer is simple: Notify your audience well in advance about upcoming Live Shopping events, followed by reminders closer to the event date. Email and SMS Notification feature allow buyers to receive notifications for:

1. A particular Shopping Show going Live

2. All new Shopping Shows that are created in the future

For the
Email & SMS Notification feature, we have seamlessly integrated Klaviyo with our Live Shopping Platform.

Note: This feature is available for Starter & Higher Plans.

What are the Benefits?

  • Timely reminders: Ensure your audience never misses a show with timely reminders, boosting attendance rates.
  • Increased engagement: Foster stronger relationships and enhance engagement by keeping your audience informed and involved.
  • Personalization: Tailor notifications to each recipient’s preferences, driving higher response rates and conversions.
  • Data insights: Gain valuable insights into audience behavior and preferences through detailed analytics provided by Klaviyo.
  • Convenience: Reach your audience wherever they are with notifications accessible on their mobile devices, ensuring maximum convenience and participation.

Multi-host Selling

Introducing’s revolutionary Multi-host Selling feature – bridging the gap between hosts and influencers, regardless of their location. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional Hosting!

With Multi-host Selling, hosts and guests from different locations can seamlessly collaborate to host dynamic and engaging Live Shopping Shows.

Use cases of the Multiple Hosts Selling Feature to dominate Live Shopping?

  • Collaborating with a brand ambassador to launch a seasonal collection.
    Dermatologists can be invited to Shopping Shows involving Skin Care Tips, etc.
  • Fitness brands can host Interviews with Physiotherapists.
  • Co-founders can be invited to share client testimonials and brand stories.
  • Partnering with Key-Opinion-Leaders (KOLs) to host shopping shows, then leveraging their social media following to promote shows.
  • An industry expert can be a guest host for a Q&A session to help viewers clear up their doubts.

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Custom RTMP Support for Live Shopping

Experience the power of Custom RTMP Support for Live Shopping with! Seamlessly integrate any encoder software like OBS or Streamlabs, supporting the Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), to go live directly for your Shopping shows. Establish a connection with a simple protocol request from the client to the encoder and start your stream or live shopping event. Plus, broadcast pre-recorded shows live via your chosen broadcasting software.

There are a number of ways brands are using the RTMP feature, such as going live in landscape mode, adding overlays during a shopping show, streaming pre-recorded videos, and going live with multiple hosts.

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Chat Moderation

Chat is a big engagement driver for your Shopping Shows. It helps buyers connect with your brand, ask questions from your Host / Brand Admin, and be more confident of their orders from your Shopping Shows. To maximize the potential of Chat, Chat Moderation plays a key role in ensuring a positive and engaging environment during Live Shopping Shows. It plays a crucial role in maintaining a productive discussion and enhancing the overall experience for buyers.

There are four ways to moderate chat in a Live show. Let’s see what these are:

  • Pin/Unpin Message
  • Reply to User Messages
  • Delete Messages
  • Ban/Unban Users
Chat Moderation with Live Shopping Platform

Product Moderation

Product moderation during a Live Show empowers admins to spotlight specific products, seamlessly update products in real time and create a captivating shopping experience. This dynamic approach Boosts Sales showcases new arrivals, and keeps Buyers engaged with exclusive deals, elevating the overall shopping experience. There are two ways to moderate products in a Live show. Let’s see what these are:

  • Product Spotlight
  • Real-time Products Update

Conclusion: Dominate Live Shopping empowers you to unlock the true potential of Live Shopping. With our Feature set designed to address every stage of the customer journey, you can dramatically improve your Conversion Rates, keep Buyers engaged for longer, and watch your Cart Abandonment Rates plummet.

Imagine a scenario where every Live Show feels like a smash hit, with a captive Buyer Audience eager to learn about your products and convert. This is the reality can create for your Ecommerce or D2C brand. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your Live Shopping Strategy.

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