How to sell on Livestream with Multiple Hosts using

How to sell on Livestream with Multiple Hosts using ---- 5 min read

Live video shopping gives retailers a chance to have real facetime with online shoppers.

Emphasis on the word ‘face’. 

An effective live shopping show requires actual people to be present (the “Hosts”) and ready to engage online buyers. And as a successful brand, you need to know how to influence people and guide them toward a purchase to turn your shopping show into a success and boost Sales. Your live shopping host can play a big role in this by encouraging buyers to express themselves, focusing on problems that shoppers are concerned about, answering their queries, and paying attention to their needs. 

Furthermore, having multiple hosts can take your live-selling game to a new level. A host can be anyone from your staff, an employee, or a brand advocate. You can also invite influencers or KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) to host your show. 

Having recognized the importance of having multiple hosts for a live shopping show, we are pleased to announce our much-awaited feature: Multi-host Selling. By leveraging this feature, brands can now get their favorite hosts or influencers in the same room for a Livestream Shopping Show, double the engagement, and much more.

Multi-host Selling of Live Shopping Platform

A number of Brands across Industries are already taking advantage of this feature of our Platform and getting their favorite hosts or influencers together for a Livestream Shopping Show. This is leading to improved engagement and Sales.

What are the Benefits of the Multiple Hosts Selling Feature?

1. Collaborating with influencers is a surprise element to your normal one-person setup for hosting Shopping Shows. Influencers can be anyone from celebrities to subject-matter experts to KOLs to any prominent personality who can influence buyers.

2. A brand can work with them to create engaging content, announce giveaways, host interviews, launch or promote products, host tutorials or recommend products, etc.

3. A trendsetting influencer is trusted by their followers, and your brand is perceived as more credible and relevant when they convey your message to a relevant audience. Such an influencer can also Market your Shopping Show to their followers to get a large audience of buyers to your show.

4. This gives brands the ability to tap into live shopping host talent that might be outside their primary geographic region. For example, a retail brand headquartered in the UK with DTC sales to the US might realize they have an American superfan who could sell out of their home.

5. Brands can also boost Average Order Value and minimize Product Returns by collaborating with multiple Livestream shopping experts/hosts that work with each other to increase the impact of Shopping Shows: product experiences that convert, reply to buyer questions, entertain buyers, increase the trust factor of your products & brand, etc.

6. Brands can thus expect Higher Sales Conversions and Engagement Metrics from this new highly interactive experience offered by the Livestream Shopping Platform.

What are the use cases of the Multiple Hosts Selling Feature?


1. Multiple influencers can join in and move out in a Shopping Show.

2. Collaborating with a brand ambassador to launch a seasonal collection. 

3. Hosting virtual makeup classes with beauty experts located at different locations.

4. Collaborating with a celebrity to give fitness tips while promoting your health supplement.

5. Having multiple live shopping hosts can increase the impact of shopping shows. Such as having a product expert demonstrate a product while a sales expert encourages shoppers to purchase.

Specialist Interviews

1. Dermatologists can be invited to Shopping Shows involving Skin Care Tips, etc.

2. Fitness brands can host Interviews with Physiotherapists.

3. Co-founders can be invited to share client testimonials and brand stories.

Other Use-cases:

1. High Profile Invitees, like Celebrities, can be invited to just make an announcement and move out.

2. Two Brand Specialists or Founders located at different places can co-host a Shopping Show.

3. Partnering with Key-Opinion-Leaders (KOLs) to host shopping shows, then leveraging their social media following to promote shows.

4. Co-host a show with a team member to give buyers access to behind-the-scenes footage of how a certain product is made. This ultimately enhances the trust factor.

5. An industry expert can be a guest host for a Q&A session to help viewers clear up their doubts.

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How to get started with the Multiple Hosts Selling Feature?

At, we walk our clients through key milestones in kicking off their live shopping shows, and adding the multi-host feature to our Platform is definitely giving our clients an edge. Here is how clients can get started with the Multi-host Selling feature:

1. Production Dashboard > Create a Show: Brand Admins can select a Host and Co-host for their Shopping Shows.

How to get started with the Multiple Hosts Selling Feature?

2. Each Host will have to login via the iOS or Android Host App. Both hosts will be able to see the same show, which would allow them to Go Live.

3. Host will be able to Go Live and start the show by following the steps mentioned here.

4. Co-host must then send a request to the Host to join the show. And only after the request is approved can the co-host go live. So, the Primary Host has an upper hand compared to the Co-Host.

5. As soon as the Co-host goes live, the mainstream in the Live Shopping Show will be auto-split. This will allow buyer audiences to see both the host and co-host.

6. The show will end normally using the End Show button and only the primary host will have permission to end the show.

Note: This feature is only available in our Standard and Custom Plans for Host Apps. Our RTMP Support feature already allowed multi-hosting via video conferencing software like Zoom, etc.

Livestream shopping is here to stay and grow!

According to McKinsey, Livestream Shopping will account for 20% of all e-commerce sales by 2026, hence it’s a trend that can not be ignored any longer. By leveraging the Live Shopping Platform and taking advantage of its amazing features like Multiple host Selling, you can bring the human touch to digital commerce, which is lacking in traditional online shopping.

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