Live Shopping Case Study: How a Sewing Brand Increased Sales by 50% through Simulcasting ---- 4 min read Live Shopping Platform Success Story

Are you an Ecommerce Brand feeling stuck in a static Sales rut?  

75% of Buyers who watch Live Shopping Shows make a Purchase – that’s a goldmine waiting to be tapped!  

This case study dives into the inspiring story of the Sewing Brand on Shopify that transformed their Sales Strategy with the Live Shopping Platform.

The results? An impressive $20,000+ in Sales, 500+ Products Sold, and over 16,000 Views from just 15 Live Shopping Shows—a testament to the power of our Platform. 

Let’s quickly discover how they effectively leverage features of our Platform and unlock explosive growth for their Brand!

Client Testimonial

The Client’s endorsement of our Live Shopping App on Shopify is evident in their 5-star Rating on Shopify, a testament to the success and impact of our Live Shopping Platform. Such stellar reviews reinforce our position as a trusted provider, highlighting the tangible benefits and satisfaction our Clients experience through our innovative Platform.

About the Brand

The Brand provides patterns for sewing and quilting along with detailed tutorials aimed at all levels of crafters. Emphasizing modern, fresh designs, their mission is to facilitate creativity and easy learning through “quick makes.”


Today many Brands on Shopify struggle to stand out from the crowd. The Sewing Brand, a leading provider of sewing patterns, found themselves facing a familiar dilemma: how to increase their digital presence, engage broader Shoppers for their sewing and quilting projects, and generate Sales. 

Their existing strategy lacked the interactive spark needed to truly capture customer attention and convert viewers into loyal Buyers.  

They needed a way to enhance the quality and reach of their Live Shopping Shows, seamlessly integrating with their existing workflow while injecting excitement and Engagement. 

Furthermore, they needed a solution that could extend their reach to multiple platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook simultaneously.



By using the Simulcasting feature of Live Shopping Platform, the Brand was able to broadcast their Live Shopping Shows simultaneously across multiple platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. This not only doubled the viewership potential but also significantly amplified the brand’s online presence efficiently.

The Simulcasting feature was pivotal in converting Social Media Followers into active Shoppers by tapping into a larger audience pool and harnessing the inherent trust and familiarity of the brand’s social media presence. This approach not only maximized Reach but also optimized Conversion Rates, showcasing the power of integrated digital marketing strategies in modern Ecommerce.


  • Extended Reach: The ability to connect with followers on multiple platforms at once drastically increased the brand’s visibility and customer base.
  • Enhanced Branding: Simultaneous broadcasts helped reinforce the brand’s message and visual identity across different channels.
  • Increased Sales: Broader exposure led to more interactions, higher engagement, and subsequently, an increase in Sales figures.
Simulcasting feature of Live Shopping Platform

Custom RTMP Support Custom RTMP Support enabled the Brand to use their choice of encoder software like OBS or Streamlabs, enhancing the quality of their Shopping Shows. This capability allowed them to:

  • Broadcast in Landscape Mode: Tailoring the live stream’s visual layout to better showcase their products.
  • Add Overlays during Shows: Enhancing buyer interaction and brand presence during live shows.
  • Stream Pre-Recorded Videos: Offering high-quality, detailed tutorials during live sessions that were not feasible live.
  • Host Multi-Host Shows: Engaging more buyers by diversifying the presentation styles and hosts.


The RTMP Support facilitated a professional-quality broadcast that could easily incorporate multimedia elements, thus providing a richer, more interactive customer experience. It enabled the brand to produce and broadcast polished, visually appealing Live Shopping Shows that resonated well with their Buyer Audiences.

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By implementing’s Custom RTMP Support and Simulcasting features, the brand achieved:

Increased Sales and ROI: Enhanced Shopping Shows’ quality and wider reach resulted in higher Sales with minimal additional resource expenditure, notably surpassing $20,000 in Sales and selling over 500 Products.

Higher Customer Engagement: More polished, interactive, and accessible Live Shows led to better Buyer Retention and Satisfaction, alongside engaging over 16,000 Views in just 15+ Live Shopping Shows. Interesting! Isn’t it?

Expanded Audience Base: The brand effectively Doubled its Viewership, turned Social Media Followers into active Shoppers, and penetrated new demographic segments through multi-platform broadcasting.

What’s more?
Additionally, the brand also organizes
Shoppable Videos into playlists and features them on their website through a video carousel. This approach simplifies product discovery and purchase for shoppers, providing an engaging and direct shopping experience via video content.

Conclusion: A Live Shopping Case Study

The Brand’s strategic use of the Live Shopping Platform, particularly the Simulcasting and Custom RTMP Support Features, significantly enhanced their Live Shopping capabilities. This not only met their initial Objectives but set a new benchmark in Digital Customer Engagement and Sales Strategy for the industry. Other Retailers looking to enhance their Live Shopping experiences should consider these robust features to improve their interactive Sales approach and maximize their digital footprint efficiently.

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