Complete Guide to Simulcasting to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook & TikTok using (Updated)

Complete Guide to Simulcasting to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook & TikTok using (Updated) ---- 5 min read

Buyer behavior is fragmented across an average of 6 touchpoints, with nearly 50% using more than four. This makes it hard for traditional Ecommerce strategies to keep up, as brands struggle to sell products. The big question is: How can brands consistently reach and engage their audiences effectively and generate Sales?

Enter Simulcasting. 🎥🚀

The Simulcast Feature empowers Brands to overcome these challenges by harnessing the combined strengths of Live Selling and Social Media. As a result, brands can establish a strong presence on relevant platforms and sell products in a way that resonates with today’s Shoppers. This opens up exciting possibilities for live shopping and enhances the overall Buyer experience and Sales.

Extracting Value from all your Channels With Simulcasting

For any brand one of the top priorities is to maximize Results and reduce Costs. Here’s how the Simulcast Feature helps. 

As a brand, you invest significant efforts and resources in acquiring social media followers, engaging with them, going live to sell your products, and analyzing data to comprehend consumer behavior.

In addition to direct financial investments, you dedicate resources to manage these activities. How can you leverage and repurpose your existing assets to enhance outcomes? Live shopping provides an opportunity to maximize your efforts and yield better results.

Simulcast feature allows you to tap into your existing Social Media following, establish your branding to twice as many viewers, convert social media followers into active buyers and ultimately elevate your Sales without spending much time and resources.

Simulcasting with to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok

Note: Brands just need to add Text Descriptions on the desired platforms for the Simulcasted Live Streams, with the URL of the Shopping Shows on their Ecommerce Website, which the Buyer Audiences on these platforms will then follow to go to the Shows.

What’s More?

We also provide a Custom Integration that is platform-independent. Hence we also support multistreaming via custom RTMP connections to any platform that provides a Stream URL and Stream Key. 

Ways to Setup Simulcast Streams

If you were wondering, “How do I live stream from multiple locations?”, there are five ways to set up simulcast streams. This feature has been launched for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and TikTok. 

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Live Shopping on Instagram

Instagram is an ideal Platform for Ecommerce Brands aiming to sell to Gen Z, a demographic that spends considerable time on this visually-driven social network.

By Simulcasting Live Shopping Shows on Instagram, Brands can leverage their massive, visually engaged buyer audience to enhance visibility and sales. This further can help brands convert social media followers into active buyers.

Simulcasting with to Instagram and expand reach and drive Sales

Furthermore, Instagram Live Shopping Promotion is the key to making your Live Shopping Shows more visible, getting more audience Traffic, and eventually Selling more Products. Instagram promotions help you gain reach by putting your event in front of Audiences who might not have known about it otherwise.

Here are a few ways you can leverage Instagram to increase your chances of Exposure and Sales.

  • Utilizing Instagram Bio
  • Leveraging Instagram Stories
  • Using Instagram Ads

Follow the steps in our Help Center to set up your simulcast streams on Instagram.

Live Shopping on YouTube

YouTube is a powerhouse for skincare brands looking to engage deeply with consumers through detailed video content. By simulcasting live shopping events on YouTube, skincare brands can take advantage of the platform’s vast audience that actively seeks comprehensive tutorials, reviews, and product demonstrations.

To get started with setting up your Simulcast streams on YouTube, follow the easy steps provided in our Help Center.

 Simulcast streams on YouTube with

Live Shopping on Facebook

Facebook is an excellent Platform for Fashion Brands looking to simulcast their Live Shopping Shows. With its vast user base and sophisticated targeting capabilities, Facebook allows fashion brands to reach a highly engaged Audience that is already interacting with style and shopping content. 

For detailed instructions on setting up your simulcast streams on Facebook, follow the steps in our Help Center to get started.

Live Shopping on TikTok

To get started with setting up your Simulcast streams on TikTok, follow the easy steps provided in our Help Center

Live Shopping on Twitch

To get started with setting up your Simulcast streams on Twitch, follow the easy steps provided in our Help Center.

Case Study: How a Sewing Brand Increased Sales by 50% through Simulcasting

Case Study: How a Sewing Brand Increased Sales by 50% through Simulcasting with

This case study by explores how a sewing and quilting brand leveraged the power of Live Shopping to achieve explosive growth. Facing challenges of standing out online and increasing sales, the brand turned to live shopping platform, specifically its Simulcasting feature.

Simulcasting with allowed the brand to broadcast their live shows on multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram simultaneously. This not only doubled their viewership but also effectively converted social media followers into active buyers. The results speak for themselves:

  • Increased Sales by 50%
  • Sold over 500 Products
  • Reached over 16,000 Viewers

This success story serves as a valuable resource for eCommerce businesses looking to leverage live shopping to boost sales and brand awareness.

Read the full case study here.

Simulcasting with is here. Are you ready to take advantage?

Listed below are a few benefits of leveraging the Simulcasting with feature, but there are undoubtedly many more depending on how you utilize it:

  • Improves customer engagement 
  • Increases traffic on the Website
  • Enhances brand visibility and awareness
  • Enables tapping into a diverse consumer base
  • Allows to utilize the advantages of each platform be it Facebook or Youtube 
  • Allows you to engage with the community more easily

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