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Brands, rejoice! just unveiled a game-changer for your Live Shopping strategy. 🚀 Team is thrilled to announce an update to their Video Commerce capabilities: effortless Playlists Management and Floating Video Playlist Layout.

To begin with, let’s discuss what Playlists are.

For Brands to reap the benefits of Live Shopping and Shoppable Videos, displaying them on key pages like the Homepage or Product pages is crucial. 

Here’s where Playlists come in. Playlists function like a go-to collection of Live Shows and Short Shoppable Videos. Brands can organize them and display them on their Website.

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Effortless Playlists Management

This update introduces effortless Playlists Management within the Dashboard. The Dashboard now has a new Playlists option in the side navigation.

The Playlists option allows admins to create Live Show or Shoppable Videos Playlists by selecting the desired layout: Carousel or Floating Video. Brands can create unlimited Playlists and display them on different website pages.

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How is this useful?

This user-friendly enhancement allows Admins to configure unlimited playlists with ease to optimize Buyer Engagement. Brands can now effectively organize and showcase Live Shows and Shoppable Videos, enhancing Buyer Audience interaction and facilitating the conversion of viewers into buyers with minimal effort.

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Effortless Playlists Management by

Layouts: Two Choices for Playlist Display

Brands now have two layout options to choose from when creating playlists:

Carousel (Available in all Plans): This layout offers a familiar swiping experience for browsing playlists.

Floating Video (Pro & Custom Plans Only): This innovative layout keeps the video preview constantly visible, maximizing Buyer Engagement.

Floating Video (Pro & Custom Plans Only)

Coming Soon: Stories Layout for Playlists!

Even more layout options are on the horizon with the upcoming Stories layout for Playlists!

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Introducing the Floating Video Playlist Layout

Admins now have the ability to create Playlists using the Floating Layout directly from the Dashboard. Simply select the Floating Video Layout, and place the configured Playlist anywhere on the Website as needed. Interesting, isn’t it?

Use Cases of Playlists in Ecommerce

1. Seasonal Showcase Playlists

Playlists can be a dynamic tool for highlighting New, Featured, or Seasonal Products.

For example, a Skincare Brand could create a “Winter Skincare Essentials” Playlist. This playlist might feature products like moisturizers and serums ideal for combating dry winter skin and benefits to guide Buyers through their seasonal skincare routine.

2. Targeted Playlists for Specific Pages

Create different playlists tailored to various pages of your Website to maximize Engagement.

For example, on a gourmet foods category page, a playlist could showcase featured spices or ingredients. Imagine a food brand using playlists to demonstrate the versatility of a premium olive oil, featuring chef-led tutorials on creating dressings, sautéing vegetables, or enhancing simple dishes.

3. Educational Content Series Playlists

Product-specific playlists on corresponding product pages can greatly enhance the shopping experience.

For a Fashion Brand, this might include a playlist showing different ways to style a dress throughout the seasons. Similarly, a Skincare Brand with a line of serums might feature a playlist showing the best application methods, enhancing product usability and customer satisfaction.

4. Customer Testimonials and Review Playlists

Build trust and credibility by compiling playlists of customer testimonials and product reviews. These can be particularly effective on product pages or the homepage, showing potential buyers the real-life benefits and satisfaction of existing customers, thereby encouraging purchases.

5. Category and Collection Playlists

For brands with multiple product lines, category-specific playlists can guide Shoppers directly to content that matches their interests.

For example, a Consumer Electronics Brand might have separate playlists for smartphones, wearables, and home technology on their respective pages, making it easier for shoppers to find relevant products and promotional content.


With these new updates, continues to empower Brands to enhance their Video Commerce experience, making it easier than ever to captivate Buyer Audiences and drive Conversions through interactive and engaging video content. Discover the possibilities today with Floating Video Playlist Layout and effortless Playlists Management!

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