Launching Custom RTMP Support for Live Stream Shopping

Launching Custom RTMP Support for Live Stream Shopping ---- 4 min read

We are excited to announce the highly requested feature of our Live Shopping Platform: Custom RTMP Support for Live Stream Shopping.

Now you can use any encoder softwares like OBS, Streamlabs etc that supports the Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), to go live directly for a Shopping show. RTMP works with a simple protocol request from the client to the encoder. Once a connection is established, then the stream/ live shopping show will start. Moreover, you can also broadcast a pre-recorded show Live via your Broadcasting Software.

Basically, this is a powerful feature that allows you to take full advantage of using both Live Shopping Platform and a third-party encoder software of your choice. Isn’t that amazing?

This Custom RTMP Support will enable you to achieve the following:

1. You can use Encoder Software Functionality, like Overlays, Media Source, Video Capture Device, Image Slide Show and make your shows more engaging and interactive

2. You can also go Live with external cameras and webcams and choose to go live with different video aspect ratios i.e 9:16 and 16:9

3. Apart from going Live using our Channelize Live Shopping Host/ Broadcaster App, hosts can now choose to go Live directly from the Dashboard. Hence this offers a host or admins the flexibility to choose the streaming device

4. With this feature you can broadcast a pre-recorded show Live. Stay tuned, Blog coming soon!


Using RTMP support for OBS  in conjunction with Simulcasting Feature will assist you in broadening the reach of your Shopping Shows to a larger audience, thereby increasing levels of engagement and contributing to higher orders/purchase rates. Beneficial! Isn’t it.

Brands are successfully using the RTMP feature of our Platform to avail the functionalities of Encoder Software. There are a number of ways brands are using the RTMP feature, such as going live in landscape mode, adding overlays during a shopping show, streaming pre-recorded videos, and going live with multiple hosts.

Going live with Landscape Mode with Custom RTMP Support for Live Stream Shopping

Adding overlays via Custom RTMP Support for Live Stream Shopping

Going live with Pre-recorded Video via via Custom RTMP Support for Live Stream Shopping

Going Live with Mutyi-host via Custom RTMP Support for Live Stream Shopping

Getting Started With RTMP Support

Step 1: Configure custom RTMP details by clicking the Generate Stream Key button in the dashboard. Once the Status field is enabled, your custom RTMP is successfully configured

Getting Started With RTMP Support

Step 2: Next step would be to configure your OBS / Streaming software. To do so, go to Settings > Streams in OBS/ Streaming Software. Enter the RTMP URL & Stream Key (which you’ll get from your dashboard) and click OK to save the changes

Configure your OBS / Streaming software

Step 3: Next, you need to add Sources in the Streaming software as per your requirement such as Media Source, Video Capture Device, Image Slide Show, etc

Step 4: You can also select the resolution at which you want to go Live as shown below

Selecting the resolution to go Live

1. As per the set resolution, your aspect ratio will vary. Recommended aspect ratios are 9:16 and 16:9.

2. Recommended resolutions are: 720 × 1280 & 480 × 840.

3. Maximum resolution that we support is 720p.

Custom RTMP Support for Live Stream Shopping

Step 5: Open your Streaming Software and press the “Start Streaming” button. This will result in the appearance of a Blue Live button indicating that your streaming is passing well from the software.

Step 6: Now go to the dashboard, open your Show preview, and click the “Go Live with RTMP” button. A pop-up window will appear with the “Go Live” button

Going Live with Custom RTMP Support

Now, press the “Go Live” button to begin streaming. You are now successfully Live, and your audience can see your Stream in your store.

In the Summary,

Custom RTMP support is a powerful feature of our Platform that allows you to stream your live shopping shows to many different platforms, so you can find a much bigger audience for your live shows. Additionally, you can use all the benefits of Live Shopping Platform and Encoder Softwares like OBS and Streamlabs etc to help you take your Live Shopping Shows to the next level. 

What’s more?
The feature is super easy to use and we can help you get started effortlessly.
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