Who should Host your Live Shopping Shows: In-house Experts or Influencers?

Who should Host your Live Shopping Shows: In-house Experts or Influencers? ---- 4 min read

A new dilemma arises that brands need to answer every time they conduct a Live Shopping Show: how to select the right Host for their Live Shopping Shows?

It is more likely that In-house Experts or Influencers will host Live Shopping Shows. Influencers bring a solid viewer base and exude a unique charm, whereas in-house experts bring profound knowledge of the brand and its products. 

Which factors should brands consider when choosing their live shopping host? Here are some factors they might want to look at before making a decision.

Content of the Shopping Shows

The content of a shopping show plays a significant role in determining the type of host that would be suitable for a Shopping Show.

For example, A shopping show that features a lot of demonstrations and product use cases requires a host with good presentation skills and product knowledge. The host should be able to keep shoppers engaged and entertained throughout the show, which can increase the chances of making a sale.

If a shopping show focuses on a particular category of products such as fashion or electronics, it is essential to have a host with expertise in that area. A knowledgeable host can provide valuable insights and product knowledge to buyers, making them more likely to make a purchase.

A shopping show that is focused on promoting products through giveaways and live contests would benefit from having a host who is lively and can engage buyers well. For such use cases, a host having product knowledge is not as important.

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A host should reflect your target Demographics

Before a live show can be hosted, brands need to ask the question: who is my target audience? Then choosing a live shopping host who represents their target demographic becomes extremely important.

First and foremost, a host who shares similar characteristics as your target audience can help create a stronger connection with them. Additionally, a host who reflects your target demographics can better understand their needs, preferences, and interests. This allows them to tailor their selling style, language, and tone to engage better and communicate with buyers. Hence in this case a host can be an in-house expert as well as an influencer depending on the brand preference.

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A host should promote Authenticity and Believability

Having a brand-associate host a show promotes authenticity. It brings in a more targeted buyer audience or people who are watching a brand for its products, and not just to see a celebrity. In essence, live shows run by a brand associate appear more trustworthy.

Further, hosting live shopping shows allows your in-house associate to experiment with their creativity, transforming them from ‘social zero to social hero.’ This will eventually increase reach, turning your brand associates into influencers.

A host should be an extension of the Brand Identity

A successful live shopping host is an extension of the brand’s identity. They interact as brand representatives, and thus the success of the show mainly depends on their performance. Influencers may be able to do it once in a while, but brands should play it safe and look within their own teams instead.

A host should be knowledgeable about the Promoted Products

When choosing a host, it is important to consider how knowledgeable they are. This ensures they can effectively showcase the products and provide valuable insights and information to shoppers.

A host with product knowledge can provide accurate and detailed answers to buyers’ questions, highlight key selling points and demonstrate how the products can solve problems or meet shoppers’ needs. This can lead to higher levels of buyer satisfaction and loyalty. In this case, it is always good to have an in-house expert host your shows.

Consider the overarching goals of Shopping Shows

Remember that not every brand is hosting live shopping shows purely for Conversions. Other KPIs are also involved, and those metrics play a crucial role in deciding who the host will be.

Brands trying to leverage high traffic and engagement rates benefit from influencers who already have massive followings. 

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Cost of having someone host your Shows

Most of the time, the overall cost of planning and executing a live show becomes the  deciding factor for choosing a host. Some brands may not want to spend a lot of money on shopping shows. Thus, there is a multifaceted cost dimension to consider when selecting a host.

1. Does the budget allow for a tie-up with and managing an influencer?

2. In the case of a commission-based deal, is it profitable enough for the brand to invest?

3. Does the influencer also cover production costs (if any), thereby eliminating additional expenses and logistics for the brand?

Co-hosts in Shopping Shows

Co-hosts can play an essential role in shopping shows. Having one host from the in-house team and another as an influencer can enhance the viewing experience for buyers and drive sales. Their interplay and expertise can create a more dynamic and informative show.

For instance, an in-house expert with fashion expertise and a tech influencer with technical expertise can collaborate to provide a holistic perspective on a product like a smartwatch that has both fashion and tech aspects.

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So, should you choose a brand expert or influencer?

When it comes down to it, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each host for your brand. An effective live shopping host should be able to communicate effectively, have charisma and personality, have deep product knowledge, and be able to engage and interact with buyers.

It can be expensive to work with influencers, but they can help you reach a wider audience and drive sales. With a brand expert, you can keep costs low, develop a direct relationship with your audience, and keep it all in-house. Live shopping can be started with an in-house expert, but as you move forward, working with an influencer for some shows may be beneficial as well.

Be open to innovating, changing, and doing what is best for your brand! If you’re ready to host your live shopping shows, Channelize.io is here to help—mistake-free! 

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