Introducing 2.0: New Era of Video Commerce for Ecommerce

Introducing 2.0: New Era of Video Commerce for Ecommerce ---- 3 min read

At, we’re excited to unveil our most significant update: 2.0 is here with a Bang. This milestone is not just a refresh of our Website where we highlight the Impact that our Video Commerce Platform is making for Ecommerce Brands, but more importantly, it’s an expansion of our Offerings and a comprehensive upgrade to our Consultative Approach.

This is more than just an upgrade – it’s a complete Transformation of how Ecommerce Brands leverage Video Commerce, Live Shopping and Shoppable Videos to grow their Business! 

Over the last few months, we’ve witnessed an incredible journey of Transformation. We’ve onboarded new Clients, being at the forefront of Ecommerce Innovation with them, ventured into untapped Markets, and enriched our Offerings with cutting-edge Features. We’re getting better every day!

The evolution of is a testament to our commitment to excellence, and 2.0 is a pivotal step in this journey. We’ve taken our time with this transformation, ensuring that every piece of the puzzle fits perfectly. And now, we’re thrilled to present 2.0 to the World.

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We’re confident that 2.0 will bring immense value to your Business. You will be able to use the additional Sales Channel of Video Commerce on your Ecommerce Store more effectively.

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Let’s jump right in and discover more!

  • Since launching, our Live Shopping Platform has helped 1000+ Ecommerce and D2C Brands across industries revolutionize the way they present their Products, engage with Shoppers, and generate Sales. After witnessing immense success with our Live Shopping Platform, we took the next giant leap by introducing Shoppable Videos to our arsenal of Video Commerce Solutions.
  • We’ve synergized the immediacy of Live Shopping with the lasting impact of Shoppable Videos, crafting an immersive, engaging journey from discovery to purchase for your buyers. Your buyers can now enjoy the thrill of live interaction and the convenience of on-demand video, ensuring your brand stays at the forefront of the digital shopping revolution and maximizes ROI.

  • Our latest iteration features a vibrant and engaging new Website, showcasing the bright potential of Live Shopping and Shoppable Videos. With its fresh design and intuitive navigation, our website offers a seamless journey, guiding brands through the exciting world of Video Commerce. It’s crafted to not only inform but also inspire, demonstrating how Video Commerce can transform your Brand.
  • We also designed a Dashboard packed with powerful features that are easy to use and has a fresh look. This upgrade will not only help you extract more value from your Live Shopping initiatives but will also enhance your Sales and Buyer Engagement as you’ll be able to use our Platform better.
New Era of Video Commerce for Ecommerce
  • Furthermore, with this upgrade, we are going to target use cases around Product Demonstrations. Product Demonstrations are a powerful way for brands to communicate the value of their products to their buyers.

That’s not all, stay tuned! Our upcoming Blogs will reveal more.

Summary: New Era of Video Commerce for Ecommerce 2.0 marks a transformative leap forward for Video Commerce. This comprehensive upgrade reflects our dedication to empowering Brands with enhanced Features and a fresh, engaging Website that unlocks the full potential of Live Shopping and Shoppable Videos.

Embrace 2.0 and let’s revolutionize the Video Commerce experience together.

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