Q1 2024 Live Shopping Calendar: Key Dates & Use Cases

Live Shopping Calendar Q1 2024: Key Dates & Use Cases ---- 4 min read

Q1 2024 Live Shopping Calendar: Key Dates & Use Cases by Channelize.io

In the world of Live Shopping, missing out on Key Dates and Events can mean a significant loss in potential Revenue. 

The key? Planning and Strategic execution of Live Shopping Shows. That’s where the Live Shopping Calendar comes into play. By keeping track of important Ecommerce Dates and major Holidays for Q1 2024, Ecommerce Brands can host targeted shows that align with key events and trends throughout the first Quarter of 2024.

To help, we have put together this Live Shopping Calendar to help you strategize:

  • Seasonal Discounts
  • Engaging product Promotions
  • Educate Buyers
  • Products Demonstrations
  • New Products Launches
  • Share ideas for Holiday Shopping
  • Create a community around your Brand
  • Giveaways & Deals
  • And more!

Still, primarily, it can be to Sell and Promote Products.

In addition to these mentioned dates, brands are free to host Live Shopping Shows throughout the first Quarter of 2024. By doing so, buyers are kept engaged and momentum is built up. Here’s why Brands should consistently host Live Shopping Shows.

Take a look at the Live Shopping Calendar for brands across industries, including Skincare, Fashion, Consumer Electronics, Food and Beverages, and more!

Dates and Holidays in Q1

The first Quarter of the year is about reconnecting with Shoppers who discovered your store during the 2023 holiday shopping season. This is the time to build relationships with your buyers and encourage loyalty. Furthermore, it’s an opportune time to introduce new products, capitalizing on recent momentum, while also discussing upcoming trends in 2024.


🎊 February 10: Chinese New Year

🏈 February 11: Super Bowl Sunday

💖 February 7 to 14: Valentine’s Week

👨‍👩‍👧 February 20: Family Day (Canada)

February 10: Chinese New Year

Product Launches: Host a show featuring apparel and accessories perfect for the New Year celebration, with a focus on red and gold items symbolizing luck.

Beauty Tutorials: Demonstrate makeup looks perfect for Chinese New Year celebrations.

February 11: Super Bowl Sunday

Exclusive Deals: Offer limited-time Discounts on casual and sporty wear ideal for game day.

Product Demonstrations: Feature and sell quick, easy-to-prepare Super Bowl snacks.

February 7 to 14: Valentine’s Week

Promotions & Limited Period Deals: Offer Special Valentine’s discounts on jewelry.

Limited Edition Beauty Products: Unveil Valentine’s themed makeup and beauty products.

Romantic Makeup Tutorials: Conduct live sessions on creating Valentine’s Day makeup looks.

February 20: Family Day (Canada)

Home Decor Showcase: Highlight cozy and stylish home decor items perfect for family spaces.

Product Demonstrations: Conduct a live cooking show while showcasing kitchenware and dining sets that make family meals more enjoyable and stylish.

Bonus: Apart from the use cases mentioned in the Article, brands can also experiment with other content types. Here are some ideas.

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👩 March 8: International Women’s Day
💐 March 10: Mother’s Day (UK)
🌙 March 11: Ramadan begins
🍀 March 17: St. Patrick’s Day
✝️ March 29: Good Friday
🐣 March 31: Easter Sunday

March 8: International Women’s Day

Product Showcase: Showcase skincare products that promote skin health, emphasizing the importance of self-care in daily routines for women of all ages.

Buyer Education: From practical totes for the working professional to elegant clutches for evenings out, focus on how these bags add both function and style to a woman’s wardrobe.

March 10: Mother’s Day (UK)

Exclusive skincare gift sets: Showcase skincare gift sets specially curated for mothers, highlighting how these products cater to their unique skincare needs.

Buyer Education: Highlight a collection of apparel that caters to the modern woman’s lifestyle – from workwear to casual, focusing on comfort, style, and versatility.

March 11: Ramadan begins

Halal Beauty Showcases: Feature halal-certified skincare and beauty products.

Evening Skincare Routines: Share skincare routines perfect for pre-Suhoor or post-Iftar.

Iftar Cooking Shows: Sell products through cooking demonstrations of Iftar meals.

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

Product Showcases: Display St. Patrick’s Day-themed clothing and accessories.

Product Demonstrations: Share traditional Irish recipes with product tie-ins.

March 29: Good Friday

Unboxing Easter Collection: Unbox new fashion collections for the Easter weekend.

Exclusive Easter Deals: Offer special Easter promotions on various products.

March 31: Easter Sunday

Jewelry and Accessories Unboxing: Show off new Easter-themed jewelry.

Easter Brunch Live Cooking: Feature and sell products used in brunch recipes.

Protip: Effectively Marketing these Shopping Shows can play a big role in achieving your Sales . Here are some ways to do so.

Live Shopping Calendar Q1 2024: Strategize and Thrive

As we enter Q1 2024, our Live Shopping Calendar is your roadmap to leveraging key dates for maximum impact. From cultural celebrations to holiday-themed promotions, each event offers a unique opportunity to engage customers and boost sales. Embrace this quarter with diverse, creative live shopping strategies and watch your brand grow. Start the year strong by harnessing the power of live shopping for your ecommerce success!

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