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How to market your Live Stream Shows to get Maximum Audience6 min read

Picture this. You put together a wonderful live-streamed show on your website & apps. Your production looks great, but very few people tuned in.

Well, this can be a huge challenge for your business! 

If you’re struggling with viewer-less live streams and aiming to get a good number of concurrent viewers, then it’s time to shift some of your time to craft a promo plan for your live stream before you go live. 

Don’t forget: Without an audience, there’s no purpose in going live in the first place.

The key elements of your live stream marketing are Promotion and Distribution. To make sure that the audience tunes in to your upcoming streams, spread the word about your live show broadcasts as efficiently as possible and to as wide of an audience as you can.

Furthermore, it’s not just about letting the audience know when and where the broadcast will take place but it is also about captivating them to tune in and buy products.

This blog talks about different strategies you can market your live stream and broadcast to get the maximum audience. 

Embrace Social Media 

Social media campaigns are the key to make your live broadcasts more visible, get more audience traffic, and eventually sell more products. Social media promotions help you gain reach by putting your event in front of audiences who might not have known about it otherwise. Here are a few ways you can leverage social media platforms to increase your chances of exposure and sales.

Tip: Pinpoint your target audience and then select social media platforms for your promotions. The objective here is to understand which social media channels your target audience lives on, and accordingly carry out your promotions.

Social Media Feed

Some of the ways of promoting your live shows on your Social Media Feed are:

  • Posting teaser, announcement, or promotional posts and banner images
  • Updating cover images
  • Creating event pages with call to action buttons to your show

All these can help you spread the word about your live shows and events, and gain more audiences.

All your Live Shows will have a dedicated URL that can be used for sharing on social media. Even after a live show ends, the show URL will have the recording for playback, which could then be used for video commerce.

Social Media Stories

Uploading stories is a good way to promote your upcoming shows on social media platforms.

You can build hype with visual countdowns, giving a glimpse of behind the scenes, asking questions, creating polls while sharing event details, and sharing the URL of an event on Instagram stories. Sharing the URL on Instagram stories will divert traffic to your live stream page.

Influencer & Brand Collaboration

Apart from promoting your live broadcast from the brand’s social media handles you can also invite influencers, industry experts, or brand advocates to promote your live show through their social media channels. Choosing the right influencer to market your show can not only attract an audience to your show but also boost your brand’s perception. This influencer might not necessarily be the host of your show.

Collaborations can also be formed with other brands to market your show to their followers. Such collaborations can be a win-win for both brands.

A social media takeover is a joint effort as both parties (Influencer & Brand) involved have their own audiences, so teaming up can potentially expose both accounts to boost the promotion process.

Additionally, both you (the brand admin), as well as your show’s host, can share the link of the live stream show on their social media handles.

Coming up with Hashtags

Using hashtags is another effective way to centralize conversations about your live shows and keep the chatter going on even after a broadcast has ended. 

Create a hashtag or two prior to your live stream and promote it on your social media channels especially Twitter. You can also use these hashtags for your newsletters, homepage banner, and all the other event materials. 

Additionally, you can also encourage your followers to use these hashtags when talking about your show.

Tip: While creating a hashtag, make sure to keep it short, memorable, and relatable. 

Leverage Push Notifications

Push notifications is an effective way to reach your audience and to retain them over longer periods. You can use Push Notifications to share pre-event notification with your audiences. This is also a great way to give last-minute reminders to your attendees to join the live show and check out products.

Once a user has registered for your push notifications, you can also push to them notifications about your upcoming shows.

Don’t Forget Email Marketing

Email campaign is a personal way of building relationships with subscribers and providing them an added benefit for signing up. And if used thoughtfully, it fosters trust which attracts subscribers to your live stream event. Email list segmentation works fantastically when brands want to target a certain set of subscribers and gain their attention.

First of all, build your email list and then update your subscribers regarding your live stream. This way you can get your subscribers to watch your shows and get desired results.

You can create email lists based on various use-cases you would like to achieve with your live stream shows. So, some audiences would like to attend your shows with complementary content, some would find new product launches and demos more interesting, whereas many would like to participate in your brand’s shows about flash deals.

Keep your newsletter useful and brief, add the link of your live stream event, and a subject line that will resonate with your audience.

Tip: You can also share a calendar of upcoming shows with your subscribers to grab their attention and remind them about these events.

The Follow-Up Email

Send another welcome email as a reminder on the day of live broadcast or a day before to drive even more audiences and to build that hype among the subscribers.

This strategy is a perfect way to establish that you know who your customers are, what their needs are, and that you want to provide them with solutions they need. This personalization builds relationships with customers and makes them feel special.

Teaser Videos

Teaser videos is an influential way to reach and engage with audiences by invoking emotions and arousing their interests by giving them the much-needed sneak peek at the experience itself.

With teaser videos, you create a buzz around a new product or a live stream show before it is released. This builds excitement among potential audiences and attracts them to be a part of your live stream show.

Furthermore, If your teaser video can make a connection with your audience, the shareability and virality of videos can go a long way in boosting your product sales.

Simulcasting your Live Shows on multiple platforms

Simulcasting is the combination of ‘simultaneous’ and ‘broadcasting’ which basically means to broadcast over multiple channels at once so that you can meet your audience wherever they are, and increase your audience traffic, and eventually sell more products. Thus, in addition to being streamed on your website and apps, your live streaming commerce shows can also be simultaneously streamed on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Adding the URL of your show in the stream description on these platforms can help direct traffic from these to your website & apps.

Simulcasting is one of the best ways to reach a wider audience which increases the chances of sales.

Additionally, it saves a great amount of time and effort as you don’t have to go to individual social platforms and live stream your shows.

Make your Homepage shine

You can also promote your show on your website or store’s homepage where your audience actually visits first.

Having an informative and attention-grabbing webpage or store page can be useful to successfully promote your live stream show. A page should house all of your show details, date and time, product details, special guest be it a brand advocate or any influencer, etc. You can also add an element of curiosity by adding catchy taglines, coupons, discount offers, etc on the main page of your website or store.

Time to Begin

You have a live stream show lined up, plus you have just learned a bunch of great ideas to promote it. What are you waiting for? Start with your promotions right now.

All these promotional ideas can really help you to convert viewers to customers and achieve your business goals, but you need to be consistent because without being consistent your strategy can fall apart.

We can also help you to get started with Live Streaming Commerce without reinventing the wheel! Email us at or contact our Sales Team.

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