wraps up 2023 by introducing Miniplayer for Shoppable Videos & Enhanced Chat Moderation wraps up 2023 by introducing Miniplayer for Shoppable Videos & Enhanced Chat Moderation ---- 3 min read

As we bid farewell to 2023, we’re thrilled to announce some amazing Product Updates at, ending on a high note with innovative advancements!

The launch of the Miniplayer for Shoppable Videos and the upgraded Chat Moderation feature at represent a stride in transforming online selling experiences for our Client Brands.

Let’s get started!

Miniplayer for Shoppable Videos 

Introducing the Mini-player for Shoppable Videos – a game-changer for your Shopify store!

This Sleek feature allows Buyer Audiences to watch Shoppable Videos in a small floating player that floats in the corner of their screens. Buyers can now watch Shoppable Videos while surfing a brand’s website, product pages, add products to their cart, and proceed with buying, with no interruption. 

A buyer can also maximize the player at any time and watch a Shoppable Video in the expanded format.

With the Miniplayer activated for Shoppable Videos on your Store, you can see it in action if you open any Shoppable Video and click on the Add-to-cart or “Know More” buttons for products.

Miniplayer for Shoppable Videos

What are the Perks?

  • gives brands the power to not only sell their products effectively via Shoppable Videos but also allows Brands to truly engage their Audience. Using features like Miniplayer, brands can deliver great customer experiences (CX) that drive Customer Loyalty, Retention and Revenue in the long run.

Improved Chat Moderation

To maximize the potential of Chat, Chat Moderation plays a key role in ensuring a positive and engaging environment during Live Shopping Shows. We have now upgraded the Chat Moderation feature in the Control Room of Live Shopping Shows in our Dashboard. 

Now by hovering over a Chat Message, Admins/Moderators can take immediate actions like:

– Pinning / Unpinning messages

– Replying to messages

– Deleting messages, and

– Banning / Unbanning users

Improved Chat Moderation for Live Shopping Platform

Key Upgrades in Chat Moderation

1. Directly responding to specific user messages when hovered over a chat message fosters a more personalized interaction, making buyers feel acknowledged and engaged.

2. This enhanced control enables quick actions such as Pinning or Unpinning important messages to highlight them to Buyer Audiences.

Note: Pinned Message is a very useful feature, that serves various purposes like:

  • Sharing limited-period Discount Codes
  • Sharing links of Giveaways, Contests, etc
  • Sharing URLs of Next Upcoming Shopping Shows

3. With the ability to instantly delete inappropriate or irrelevant messages, maintaining the quality and relevance of the chat becomes simpler, ensuring a focused and pleasant shopping experience.

4. The updated feature includes the ability to Ban or Unban users when hovering over a Chat Message. This is crucial in maintaining a positive chat environment and deterring disruptive behavior.

Conclusion: Miniplayer for Shoppable Videos & Enhanced Chat Moderation

The introduction of the Miniplayer for Shoppable Videos and the enhanced Chat Moderation feature underscores our commitment to empowering Brands with technology that not only enhances customer interaction but also drives loyalty and revenue. Embrace these new features and step into 2024 with a competitive edge in the dynamic world of e-commerce.

We have many more exciting features coming out in Q1 of 2024, to help Ecommerce Brands grow by providing buyers amazing product experiences and engaging them. These updates will also ensure continues being the best Live Shopping & Shoppable Videos platform for Ecommerce Brands.

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