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Often, the value of Live Shopping Shows is perceived as limited to their Real-time Broadcasts. Consequently, many Brands overlook the immense potential that lies in the days following a Show. Post-show Marketing is a highly effective strategy for brands looking to enhance Engagement and drive Sales. By targeting live shopping show registrants, newsletter recipients, and social media followers, brands can extract lasting value from each show.

The good news is with the potential of Live Shopping Shows extends beyond their Real-time Broadcast. 

With, the impact of Live Shopping Shows doesn’t just stop when a Live Show ends. Our Platform offers a complete Playback Experience, allowing Buyer Audiences to revisit the full Live Shopping Show, capturing the same excitement and engagement as a Live Show. Additionally, we enhance the interactive feel of these replays with Reactions and Chat Playback. Buyer Audiences can see Reactions and Chat Messages as they occurred during a Live Shopping Show, maintaining the sense of community and interaction that is pivotal to the live shopping experience.

One of our standout features is the Product Spotlight Timeline. With this powerful feature, buyers can easily jump to those parts of a Past/ Recorded Shopping Show where a particular product of interest was presented or spoken about. So now instead of watching an entire show, a buyer can selectively check out those parts where a desired product was spotlighted, and make the purchase right away. And, with the Chat playback, they can even see the questions that other buyers had asked about that spotlighted product.

What are the perks?

  • This makes buyer journey quick and seamless
  • Improves product experiences thus promising increased Sales.
  • This feature makes Shopping Shows more engaging by enhancing the overall customer experience, ultimately driving Customer Retention.

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Additionally, Every Shopping Show created on an Ecommerce Store has a Unique URL, which remains the same throughout the lifetime of the Show. Thus, just like how Brands can Market and Promote their Upcoming Live Shows, they can similarly market their Past Shopping Shows to squeeze out more Sales from those Shows.

Analyzing Success: Statistics from Past Shows

Value of a Live Shopping Show extends far beyond its live broadcast. Many of our Clients have successfully harnessed this potential, with Statistics revealing a significant impact: approximately 30% of total Sales generated from their shows are attributed to the Recorded Versions. This highlights the importance of Past Shows as a continuous asset rather than one-time events.

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Benefits of Post Live Shopping Show Marketing

Reaches a Wider Audience: It captures the attention of potential customers who might have missed a Live Shopping Show.

Re-engages Attendees & drives Sales: It provides an opportunity to reconnect with buyer audiences who attended a Live Shopping Show but were hesitant to purchase at the time.

Extends the Life of Content: Content from a live show continues to engage and attract audiences, making the investment in a Live Shopping Platform more cost-effective over time.

Strengthens Customer Relationships: Continuous engagement post-show demonstrates a brand’s commitment to its buyers, fostering Loyalty and Long-term Customer Relationships.

Post Live Shopping Show Marketing Strategies

  • Utilize Email Marketing to reach out to registrants and attendees
  • Create short clips or highlights of the best moments from your show and share them on social media and via email newsletters
  • Host post-show Q&A sessions

    Pro-Tip: In your post-show marketing, include teasers or sneak peeks of what’s next. This not only maintains Engagement but also builds anticipation, ensuring a consistent buyer base for future shows.

These approaches not only drive Sales but also transform each Live Shopping Show into a valuable asset for long-term e-commerce success.

Harnessing Post Live Shopping Opportunities for Lasting Success

Leverage Abandoned Cart Notifications

Brands can leverage Abandoned Cart Notifications to target buyers who added products to their carts but didn’t complete the purchase. Using Email Marketing tools like Klaviyo, send personalized reminders or special offers to encourage them to complete their transactions. This direct approach helps recover potential lost Sales and keeps your products top-of-mind for Buyers.

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Strengthening Community Engagement

Use post show opportunities to deepen your relationship with your Buyers. Encourage feedback, conduct surveys, or start discussions on social media about a show. This fosters a sense of community, making your buyers feel valued and more likely to participate in future shows.

Special Offers

As a thank you to attendees offer exclusive Discounts or special deals post-show. Exclusive offers make your buyers feel special and increase the likelihood of purchases. Additionally, extending the Exclusive Live Show Discounts and Offers for a few hours or days after the Live Show can be an effective strategy.


By leveraging Live Shopping Platform, brands can extend the reach and effectiveness of their live shows, turning them into ongoing opportunities for Engagement, Sales, and Community Building. These strategies ensure that every live show is not just a one-time event but a stepping stone to long-term success in the dynamic world of e-commerce.

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