New Live Stream Shopping Platform Features - Product Spotlight Timeline and Notifying Buyers

New Live Stream Shopping Platform Features – Product Spotlight Timeline and Notifying Buyers3 min read

By introducing new features, offers Brands new opportunities to expand their Sales while providing Improved and Unique Customer Experiences. So let’s dive right into the new features we launched this time.

Product Spotlight Timeline

“Product Spotlight Timeline” feature enables brands to bring their products alive and give buyers the opportunity to interact with them. Interesting, isn’t it?

With this powerful feature, buyers can easily jump to those parts of a recorded Shopping Show where a particular product of interest was presented or spoken about. So now instead of watching an entire show, a buyer can selectively check out those parts where a desired product was spotlighted, and make the purchase right away.

What are the perks?

  • This makes the customer journey quick and seamless.
  • Improves product experiences even more than before, thus promising increased sales.
  • This feature makes your Shopping Shows more engaging by enhancing the overall customer experience, ultimately driving customer retention.

Brand Admins can enable / disable this feature for every Shopping Show from the Production Dashboard.

Product Spotlight Timeline feature of Livestream Shopping Platform

You can refer to these shows hosted by our Clients and see for yourself how the Product Spotlight Timeline” feature actually works and makes the whole shopping experience so engaging for buyers.

  1. Live Shopping Show by Flambee
  2. Live Shopping Show by ILLUM
  3. Live shopping Show by Raefeather

Notify Buyers

“Get Notified” is a powerful new feature of our Live Stream Shopping Platform that not only benefits brands, but also buyers.

Buyer’s Perspective

Buyer Audiences (logged-in) interested in being a part of an upcoming live stream shopping show can now subscribe to that show and get notified. 

Additionally buyer audiences (both logged-in & non logged-in) can also choose to save an upcoming shopping show to their calendar. This will reveal three calendar options: Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook. Selecting the preferred calendar service will notify them and keep them hooked.

NOTE: The “Get Notified” feature is currently only available for Shopify Stores. We will soon be launching this for other ecommerce platforms, so stay tuned!

Get Notified” is a powerful new feature of our Live Stream Shopping Platform

Brand’s Perspective

Store Admins can download the list of logged-in Subscribers of their Shopping Shows, who chose to be notified about a Shopping Show going live, from their Production  Dashboard, and can build relationships with such customers, notify them and ultimately market shows to increase the footfall for their live shopping shows.

Get Notified” feature of Live Video Shopping Platform

How is this feature Beneficial?

  • Apart from notifying audiences regarding upcoming shows, store admins can also send Personalized Emailers, Coupon Codes, Discount Offers, etc. This personalization builds relationships with customers and makes them feel special. This feature resolves most brand owners’ questions on how to promote their live stream shopping shows.
  • Subscription calendars also drive customer engagement by making it easier for customers to add upcoming shows to their calendar with just one click
  • The effective utilization of this feature can provide leads for future marketing campaigns for brands

What’s More?

This is a powerful feature that enables brands to facilitate Easy Communication with buyers, Boosts Conversion & Engagement Rates, enables Retargeting and Re-Engaging of customers.

Stay Tuned for More is an easy to use Live Video Shopping Platform that allows Ecommerce & D2C Brands to adopt real-time buyer engagement and sell live from within their Online Stores and Apps. 

Most importantly, it helps you delight customers and online shoppers in a highly engaging, interactive, and immersive way, whether you are launching a new campaign, showcasing new product ranges, or collaborating with influencers.

Check our more product update blogs and if you’re interested in a free demo of the Platform, click here.

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