How to get Traffic from Instagram for Live Shopping Shows

How to get Traffic from Instagram for Live Shopping Shows ---- 5 min read

Live Shopping has emerged as a powerful tool for E-commerce brands, boasting impressive Sales Conversions of over 12% compared to the average of 3% from traditional online shopping experiences. This significant difference underscores the importance of attracting large Audiences to your Live Shopping Shows to maximize Sales. To ensure your Audience tunes into your Show, it’s crucial to effectively Promote your Live Shows and captivate your Audience enough to not just watch but also actively participate in Purchasing. Instagram Live Shopping Promotion is the key to making your Live Shopping Shows more visible, getting more audience Traffic, and eventually Selling more Products. Instagram promotions help you gain reach by putting your event in front of Audiences who might not have known about it otherwise. Here are a few ways you can leverage Instagram to increase your chances of Exposure and Sales.

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Utilizing Instagram Bio

The Bio Section on your Instagram profile is prime real estate for promoting your Live Shopping Shows as part of an Instagram Live Shopping Promotion. Here’s how to make the most of it:

1. Always include a direct Link to your Live Shopping Page in your Bio. If you have an upcoming Show, update this Link to direct followers to that specific Live Shopping Show.Use the limited space in your Bio to create excitement about your upcoming Live Shopping Show. A clear, engaging call-to-action (CTA) alongside the link can significantly boost click-through rates as part of your Instagram Live Shopping Promotion strategy.

2. Keep your Bio updated with the latest event information. As soon as one Show concludes, update your Bio with details about the next Show to maintain continuous Engagement.

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Maximizing Instagram Stories

Stories are a dynamic way to engage with your Buyers and Drive Traffic to your Live Shopping Shows. Here’s a step-by-step approach:

1. Include the direct URL of your Live Shopping Show in your story. If you have the ‘Swipe Up’ feature, use it to link directly to the show. Sharing the URL on Instagram stories will divert traffic to your Live Shopping Page. Shopping Shows on your website created with our platform work very well within Instagram’s In-App Browser

2. You can build hype with visual countdowns, giving a glimpse of behind-the-scenes, asking questions, and creating polls while sharing show details

Instagram Ads

To augment your audience reach for Live Shopping Shows, leveraging Instagram Ads presents a powerful paid strategy. Here’s how:While organic methods like utilizing Instagram Stories or Bio are cost-free, Instagram Ads offer a broader scope, albeit at a price. This approach, though more costly, can be selectively and strategically used for special Live Shopping events where you anticipate a higher return on investment

1. Carefully targeted Instagram Ads can effectively attract buyer audiences by placing your Live Shopping Shows in front of potential customers who might not discover them organically. This technique is particularly beneficial for promoting high-stakes or special event shows, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement from a wider, yet relevant audience.

2. By balancing the use of Instagram Ads with organic methods, you can create a comprehensive strategy that maximizes traffic to your Live Shopping Shows.


This allows Brands to get Followers as Audiences for their Live Shopping Shows. And hence more Sales, by broadcasting the Live Video Streams of their Shopping Shows on Instagram.

Instagram Alerts followers when an account they follow goes Live, so your followers will be alerted too, about your Shopping Show’s simulcasted Instagram Live Stream, thus giving more eyeballs to your Shopping Shows.

Audiences on Instagram will still get the complete Shopping Show experience on your Website / App / Ecommerce Store and will be able to place their orders from there, and so hosts of the shopping shows should encourage watchers to follow the link of your Shopping Show to shop the promoted products. Brands should also add links to their Live Shop, and/or upcoming shopping shows in their Instagram Bio and Live Stream description so that more followers go to the shopping show on their website to shop.

Pro-Tip: Bio-link tools like Linktree help with that.

Our Simulcast feature is aimed at helping Brands maximize the investment they have already made on Instagram while offering them the ability to showcase their shopping shows to their followers on Instagram.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can simulcast on Instagram.

Use Cases: Marketing Live Shopping Shows on Instagram

A Fashion Brand using Instagram Bio

A luxury Fashion Brand updated their Instagram Bio Link to direct followers to their Live Shopping Shows, resulting in a 20% increase in Live Viewership. This simple yet effective bio update strategy ensures direct access to their Shows.

A Skincare Brand using Instagram Stories

A Skincare Brand boosted Audience anticipation using Instagram Stories, with countdowns and previews linked to their Live Shopping Show. This approach sees a 30% rise in Audience Engagement for their Shows.

A Food Brand leveraging Simulcasting

A gourmet Food Brand simulcasts their Live Cooking Show on Instagram, attracting 25% more new viewers. The Instagram alert system plays a key role in drawing a larger audience to their interactive shopping experience.

Each case demonstrates how Fashion, Skincare, and Food Brands effectively use Instagram features to market their Live Shopping Shows, driving higher Engagement and Sales from their Live Shopping Shows.

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Conclusion: Instagram Live Shopping Promotion is the key.

Instagram offers a powerful channel to drive Traffic to your Live Shopping Shows. By strategically using your Bio Link and creating engaging, interactive Stories, you can effectively guide your Instagram Audience directly to your Live Shows.

This approach not only increases Viewership but also enhances the overall success of your Live Shopping initiatives, ultimately leading to higher Engagement and Sales. As online shopping and the habits of new consumers evolve, harnessing the power of Social Media Platforms like Instagram is key to staying ahead in the competitive world of E-commerce.

Over 1000+ Brands have already used Live Shopping Platform to sell and market their products. You can read their success stories to know how they achieved it. 

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