YOKA Equipping Live Stream Shopping to Promote Informed Purchases of Apparel & Footwear Products

YOKA Equipping Live Stream Shopping to Promote Informed Purchases of Apparel & Footwear Products ---- 4 min read

About Client

Starting in 2001 in the Oakville Place Mall, YOKA is an apparel and footwear brand renowned for its top-notch quality and customer satisfaction. Within 2 years of its inception, YOKA spread its footprints to Toronot where it established a store on Queen Street East, near The Beach neighborhood.

Its beach style wears merged with European-style fashion are considered a statement in the region. YOKA is currently promoting Italian-style footwear, Dutch fashion, small batch Los Angeles styles, and Canada-based independent designs.

The Problem

As a fashion-centric brand, standing out from the competition was considerably challenging for YOKA. Its highly concentrated target audience and style needed ample exposure to reach their full potential. In addition, the brand needed to teach the audience about its products and their USPs, so they can understand YOKA’s value proposition.

Given the level of competition in the market and niche reach of the client, a personalized selling strategy was needed.

The Solution

The Channelize.io Team was quick to go through the issue and present several solutions due to their previous associations with fashion brands. The biggest challenge with YOKA was increasing its reach without dozing from its interpersonal customer relationships.

YOKA is generating sales via Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform

Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform aided the brand with unique shows, where it promoted its Private Label and made enormous sales. In addition, YOKA availed of our Live Stream Shopping Platform to conduct specific product-based shows. Such shows revolved around Beach Fashion, Denim Wear, New Arrivals, and even Region-Centric styles. 

Furthermore, by using our Platform the brand was able to assign different hosts for different shows, giving it an edge over the competition. 

The Outcome

YOKA used our Livestream Shopping Platform to build on their existing customer base. They conducted multiple Live Shopping shows based on customer needs, market demand, seasonal trends, and upcoming product launches to improve their value proposition.

Since these shows were close to YOKA’s brand ethics, the existing customers were naturally attracted towards them. At the same time, the intuitive approach and their product portfolio piqued the interest of new customers as well.

YOKA improving customer engagement via Channelize.io Live Video Shopping Platform

Besides such benefits, they also witnessed perks, like:

  • Real-time interaction with customers
  • A hike in sales during seasonal times
  • Expanded existing customer interpersonal relationships
  • Educated customers about new arrivals
  • Accelerated brand appeal and engagement
  • Prepared a seamless communication channel
  • Facilitated impulsive purchases

These shopping shows proved to be a hit, as their most recent 8 shows garnered an Average Live Engagement rate of 45% approx. At the same time, their average add to cart rate climbed up to 11% while the product view rate stood high at 52.5%. Such numbers dictate the success of Live Stream Shopping shows for YOKA, as they continue to conduct more shows for increased engagement.

What’s more? 

The client used our platform to spread its footprints across Instagram as well. They released teasers on Instagram stories to spread awareness about upcoming shows. 

The result? An abundance of buyers tuned in to watch the Livestream Shopping shows and buy their products. It boosted their community engagement on the social media platform, as more customers understood and talked about the brand. It eventually led to increased interaction and lead generation.

Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform success story

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How Channelize.io can help your Fashion Brand

Over 300+ global brands have used Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform to improve their market performance and brand awareness. Many of these brands are closely related to apparel, fashion, cosmetics, footwear, etc.

Names like ILLUM, ONESIDESHE, Alegria Colombia, and WOW Skin Science are viable testament of its prowess in the sector. Now, with YOKA, Channelize.io has proved how seasonal products, upcoming launches, trendy designs, and even niche styles can benefit considerably from Live Stream Shopping. 
We facilitate a smooth, real-time interaction network between brands and customers to build credibility and reliability, leading to lasting benefits. Your brand can also equip the power of Live Video Shopping to unlock its optimal potential.

All you need to do is reach the Channelize.io Team by booking a FREE DEMO today. Rest assured that our experts will curate the ideal marketing and promotion strategy for you with Live Stream Shopping.

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