ILLUM turned to Live Shopping for selling Luxury Products

ILLUM turned to Live Shopping for selling Luxury Products3 min read

What used to be walking through malls with associates trying out products is now replaced by Hosts doing Live Product Demonstrations and Tutorials via Live Stream Shopping. Livestream Shopping today provides Luxury Brands with the ability to produce highly engaging content that feels genuine and authentic. Live streaming shopping offers consumers “in the moment” content which gives them confidence in the quality of luxury products. Hence luxury brands are increasingly jumping onto this technology.

ILLUM is one such spectacular department store in the Nordic region that turned to Live Shopping Platform to create exclusive live shopping shows for high-end brands like Gucci and Estee Lauder.

Why our Platform is the best choice for selling Luxury Products?

More Exposure for Your Brand

‍Getting in front of as many prospects as possible is the goal of every brand, right? Live shopping can draw more potential clients to your brand and can maximize your reach. The immediate and unfiltered nature of live shopping shows lets you grab the attention of most audiences and deliver your brand message to them leading to brand exposure.

Better Interaction with Prospects

‍Audience interaction is the key to double up sales conversion rates. Effective communication helps you understand what your prospects are thinking, what are their pain points, and what are their needs. This valuable information lets a brand mold its marketing message for maximum results.

Livestream shopping can let you do that with ease by offering prospects a shopping experience that is interactive, engaging, and personalized, and also do it at scale.

Leverage Impulse Buying

Live shopping shows are prompt and can persuade audiences to take quick action. Getting live shopping shows in front of spontaneous shoppers can substantially improve your sales. Thus via Livestream shopping brands can use customer behaviour of impulse buying in their favour.

Easy to Adopt and Use

With a live shopping platform, there would be no switching of apps as live shopping features can be added right within your website and apps. 

By integrating the right live shopping platform into your existing e-commerce website, apps, and marketing stacks, the functionalities you are accustomed to using will not be affected. Hence we can say that Live video shopping technologies are easy to adopt and leverage.

In Summary,

Increasing sales through live shopping is a key strategy for ILLUM. Additionally to generating sales, Live Shopping Platform has allowed ILLUM to build trust, increase engagement, showcase creativity, and stay in direct contact with customers. Live Stream Shopping Platform offers clear advantages to brands across industries. Online retailers and direct-to-consumer brands can present their products to shoppers in real-time, answer their questions, and even offer live promotional offers to entice them to buy. 

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