Ox Luxe amplifying Sales via Live Stream Shopping

Ox Luxe amplifying Sales via Live Stream Shopping ---- 2 min read

This success story shows how Ox Luxe used Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform to engage and cater to their consumers, ultimately resulting in Sales and Improved Engagement.

The Ox Luxe service is a new Carousell service that allows buyers and sellers to buy, sell, and consign pre-owned luxury items such as handbags and watches.

Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform is an effective tool for brands especially for Fashion Brands as it builds both Brand Discoverability and Revenue. Ox Luxe saw our Platform as an opportunity to engage with their consumers in this way, which shortens the customer journey, improves loyalty, and gives brand a better understanding of their customers. Hence the brand turned to our Platform and is witnessing explosive growth.

Ox Luxe used Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform to engage their customers

By Integrating Channelize.io Livestream Shopping Platform in their Sales strategy, the brand has noted an increase in Sales. This has greatly enhanced the customer experience on their website. It is because Live Video Shopping enables the creation of a more entertaining and personalized shopping experience for the modern consumer, which they highly value. 

Ox Luxe witnessing success with Channelize.io Live Video Shopping Platform

Besides this, they also used the Live Stream Shopping Platform to achieve benefits, like:

1. Showcasing multiple products like bags and watches

2. Real-time Q&A sessions 

3. Live engagement with customers 

4. Promotion of trendy products for impulsive purchases

5. New product launches

6. Running limited-time offers to increase the sale of specific products

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Ox Luxe experiencing success with Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform

In the Summary,

Live video shopping will undoubtedly continue to offer unprecedented opportunity for brands that embrace the practice in years to come. For brands to maximize their sales and position themselves for fierce competition in this emerging market, staying on top of the latest trends is critical. Here is where Channelize.io Livestream Shopping Platform comes into play and helps you create immersive shopping experiences on your digital storefront for your customers.

With 800+ satisfied global brands across different industries, Channelize.io Live Video Shopping Platform has established a solid reputation. Our platform has helped traditional brands like Happy & Fit, ILLUM, Arctic Fox, and niche brands like The Quilted Cow, WOW Skin Science, and Nature Baby as well. Getting started is as simple as booking a FREE DEMO with us.

Disclaimer: The Brand name the Ox Luxe and the brand logo are properties of oxluxe.com.

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