Poppy Barley adopted Live Stream Shopping for Selling Footwear & Accessories

Poppy Barley adopted Live Stream Shopping for Selling Footwear & Accessories ---- 3 min read

About the Client

Poppy Barley is a certified B Corporation committed to fostering an environment where everyone, from any background, can connect, belong and grow. Sharing their perspectives courageously and encouraging others to do the same helps them create a culture that enables them to rethink every step of the footwear industry.

The Problem

Since the brand specializes in footwear and accessories, showcasing products live to demonstrate their real-life usability was a major concern for the Client. Furthermore, the Client required assistance to maximize exposure to its customers so that they could increase their sales.

The Solution

Having worked closely over many years with hundreds of D2C brands and eCommerce merchants to understand the purchase journey of the end-consumer, our team can clearly see the trend of digitization in the Fashion Industry. Hence the launch of our Live Stream Shopping Platform is greatly helping brands like Poppy Barley.

Channelize.io Live Stream shopping Platform Client Success Story

In order to give their customers a personalized and humane buying experience, we helped them conduct livestream shopping shows. The live stream shopping shows brought in a horde of consumers, since the brand brought innovation on the table. 

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The Outcome

For the brand Poppy Barley, Channelize.io Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform offers a chance to build relationships with buyers, provide new entertaining content, answer questions and streamline the selling purchase process all in real-time. 

Channelize.io Client Success

This further enables customers to discover the latest products from their favorite brands and ask questions about size, fit and tips in real time. Here are some more perks achieved by the brand by utilizing our Platform:

  • Unmatched Outreach & Scale
  • Gave a face to the Brand
  • Bigger Order Sizes & Repeat Purchase Rate
  • Made them Approachable
  • Improved customer Engagement & Retention
  • Enhanced the brand Awareness

What’s More?

One of their best Live Shopping Shows, which lasted 30 minutes, scored some amazing feats. During the brief show, their Total Engagement Rate reached 40% while their Add-to-Cart Rate also averaged 26%. Besides this, they managed to reach a whopping 65% Product View Rate, which led to an immense increase in their product and brand awareness.

Client success

As live stream shopping has immense potential in the Fashion Industry hence several brands like Illum, Kapstok, ZMNow.id etc are enjoying great success by leveraging our platform. 

We at Channelize.io offer the best Live Video Shopping Platform, which makes sure that your entire live selling experience runs smoothly. Our platform allows you to create sale-oriented shows that allow full interaction with your customers while boosting conversions through seamless purchasing.

Contact us today to get started with a FREE PERSONAL DEMO to see how our Platform can take your brand to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Join hands with us, and reap the maximum benefits from our platform.

Disclaimer: The Brand name Poppy Barley and the brand logo are properties of poppybarley.com.

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