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The fashion industry is one of the fastest expanding industries in the world which also means there is a lot of competition among brands. Therefore, discovering new ways to differentiate from the competition is very vital. Hence to differentiate itself the brand turned to Live Shopping Platform  is a Halal lifestyle platform that focuses on modern urban women to find inspiration in a polite and contemporary appearance presented by PT Kals Corpora Indonesia. For the brand, fashion is entirely about a sense of comfort that makes self-confidence always embedded in oneself. offers brands across industries a Livestream Shopping Platform with proprietary streaming technology and a white-label experience. Hosts hosting Live Shopping Shows can directly demonstrate products, talk to audiences in real-time, tell compelling brand stories and create buzz for their brands. The platform is actually designed in a way that encourages engagement by allowing audiences to share their thoughts and opinions and connect with brands in authentic ways. 

Connecting with audiences by leveraging our platform is helping in a number of ways:

-Providing better product experiences. For the range of products that ZMNow sells, helping buyers see over live video how products fit helps quicker purchase decisions, and lower rate of returns.

-The brand is selling in a scalable manner and reaching more audiences.

-Live selling is improving the brand’s awareness.

-Live selling is helping the brand to communicate its brand story, explain its value proposition and ultimately showcase the brand persona.

-Live Stream Shopping is enabling buyers to make better and quicker purchase decisions.

-Live shopping shows depicts the approachability of the brand.

-Implementing various sales strategies is helping the brand to generate a sense of urgency among customers.

All this is enabling the brand to establish a stronger customer base for their products and eventually make money.

In Closing,

Brands across industries are now catching on to the potential of Live Video Shopping to promote and sell their products. Refer to our Client Success Stories to know how various brands belonging to different industries are leveraging our Platform to succeed. offers you a way to turn a dreary online store into a fun and entertaining live shop where customers can get to know about your products in engaging and appealing ways. Book a DEMO and get in touch with our team.

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