How to use Live Stream Shopping to improve Purchase Intentions of Buyers

How to use Live Stream Shopping to improve Purchase Intentions of Buyers ---- 5 min read

Live Video Shopping has opened a plethora of growth opportunities for Ecommerce brands globally. But why is it quickly becoming a norm among brands? 

The answer is quite simple!

Live Shopping enables Brands to Boost Sales and Enhance their Brand Perception by connecting better with their Buyers and Showcasing their products in ways that lead to Informed, Trusted and Accelerated Purchases by Buyers. This way live stream shopping improves Customer Purchase Intentions.

A better understanding of a product helps buyers make more Informed and Trusted decisions. This leads to a reduction in Return Rates while leaving an impression on buyers’ minds, paving the way for word-of-mouth marketing and for future purchases alike.

While this showcases the power of Live Streaming Ecommerce, it does not explain how you can leverage it optimally to improve customer purchase intentions. Here are some tips you can use Live Stream Shopping to improve purchase intentions of buyers.

Pro Tip: Before investing time and resources into a live shopping show, you must lay some groundwork for it to work upon. The best and the most effective way to do this is using pre-show promotions. Letting your audience know beforehand about the shopping show and its details will create engagement, entice them to attend it. 

Afterward, you can implement these tips for best results.

Keep the Show relevant to the Topic

The promotion you have done for a live shopping show will play a major role in customers’ minds. Many of them must have seen teaser videos, promotional posts, banner images, etc you have run for the show. Thus, your first job is to keep the Live Shopping Show relevant to the topic.

This simply means to maintain a concise grip of the subject, and ensure customers get what they are actually looking for. Once a bunch of customers know your brand offers value and not mere promotion during such shows, they will invite even more audiences the next time. 

Showcase Product Usability and Use-Cases

Showcasing products in ways that buyers see them with all their perfections and flaws, and understand all aspects of products in real-time, enables them to make informed and accelerated purchase decisions. During live shopping shows you can highlight your product’s key features and USPs and demonstrate how it solves a buyer’s pain point. The gist of it all is – present your products’ application and use-cases to enable well-informed purchases.

1. You can, for example, display close-ups of your products if you are a Fashion, Jewelry or Accessories brand. You can also show aspects like color, shine and luster of a neckpiece.

2. A Skincare and Beauty Products Brand can highlight the finish, and feel of a lotion. You can also demonstrate the application of various skin care products in real-time. 

3. A fitness brand can showcase how physical training equipment can be used. Such a display is crucial since their ineffective use can be lethal.

Product Discovery with Live Stream Shopping Platform

Assign a Host familiar with your Brand

Choosing a well-informed and dynamic host is vital for a Live Stream Shopping show’s success. A show host will directly represent your brand, so be sure to choose someone who is familiar with products you intend to promote. 

There can be varied goals a brand aims to achieve, and hence it is important to clearly outline your goals before you assign a host for your shows. A brand may want to increase sales conversion rate, reach more audiences, create brand awareness, or humanize a brand, etc. So depending on what you want to accomplish from a Shopping Show and what your mission is, you can narrow down and target a host.

Additionally, the host of a shopping show must be able to keep the show interactive and engaging throughout. Live Stream Shopping Platform offers Host Apps for hosts which are available for both iOS and Android. A store owner can thus choose anybody i.e an employee, industry expert, or even an influencer to be the host of a show and run the show irrespective of their location. This helps brands find the best representative depending on the show’s nature and objective. 

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Offer Limited Time Promotions and Incentives

One of the effective ways to use Live Stream Shopping to improve customer purchase intentions is by implementing Limited Time Promotions and Incentives, like running discounts, flash sales, deals, auctions, giveaways, and offering coupon codes. These can keep your customers engaged and entertained, and hence they are more likely to invest in your products.

You can also undertake Q&A sessions to spread awareness regarding your brand. Additionally, you can repurpose the Live Shopping Shows into your social media posts, newsletters, and blogs to drive more engagement. 

Pro Tip: During a live show, you can offer a limited time discount code that can be shared via chat and pinned on top to make it more visible.

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Improve customer purchase intentions using Live Shopping Platform

Practice Continuity

It is necessary to maintain your brand’s visibility at all times in order to establish it strongly. If you are utilizing Live Stream Shopping as your Sales Strategy, then you need to connect and engage with your customers on a regular basis. Just like any other Sales Strategy, Live Stream Shopping also needs time and consistency to show desired results. 

Initially, brands might not get the desired results, but if they regularly host good shopping shows, it will certainly be beneficial. The bottom line is to frequently host shopping shows and let your audience know when to tune in for engaging and interactive shows. This creates anticipation, builds a community where customers can communicate leading to improved customer purchase intentions.

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In Conclusion

I hope you are now clear on How to use Live Stream Shopping to improve purchase intentions of buyers. Using livestream shopping as a growth strategy has become a market norm for Ecommerce Brands across industries due to its immense potential. However, brands can only unlock the full potential of Live Video Shopping by choosing a reliable Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform.

This is where Livestream Shopping Platform chimes in with its vast value proposition. Our Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform can help you implement all the mentioned strategies to make optimal use of Live Shopping. How is that? 

Our dedicated API, SDKs, and UI Kits make it easier for brands to integrate Livestream Shopping Platform in their apps and websites. In addition, brands can use our pre-built integrations for Ecommerce platforms, like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop and Wix.

Over 1000+ global brands have already used our Live Stream Shopping Platform to boost their sales and customer engagement rate several fold. You can become one of them too, and experience similar results by booking a Free Demo today.

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