How Brands can choose anyone to Host Live Shopping Shows – Influencers, KOLs, Employees

How Brands can choose anyone to Host Live Shopping Shows – Influencers, KOLs, Employees5 min read

Selling Live is one of the most impactful ways to connect with your shoppers in a transparent, raw, authentic, and engaging manner. Hosting Live Shopping shows reflects the human side of your business, eventually leading to higher sales. Live Stream Shopping app or Live Shop for Shopify gives store owners an edge over others to reach thousands of new customers with just the click of a button, thus increasing their brand exposure and providing a diversity of revenue generation. Our Live Shopping platform is a perfect Sales Generation tool as well as an effective marketing tool.

The same Live Video Shopping experiences can also be added to other e-commerce platforms (with our soon-to-release plugins), and custom web & mobile apps (with our API, SDKs & UI Kits).

In this blog, we will see how effortless it is for brands to choose anyone to easily host Live Shopping Shows by leveraging our Live Stream Shopping App: an influencer, celebrity, key-opinion-leader (KOL), industry expert, store owner, brand-employee, or any influential personality who can speak well about their products.

By leveraging the robust components of our Live Streaming Commerce Platform, store owners can create, run and manage Live Shopping Shows efficiently. In addition to the components for buyer interfaces (API, SDKs & UI Kits), our platform comprises a Production Dashboard for Store Admins and Broadcaster Apps for Broadcasters / Hosts. Thus, the roles and responsibilities of a store admin / producer and a host are completely demarcated

Also, because of this segregation in responsibilities, brands can have full control over their live shopping shows and can leverage the benefits of Influencer Marketing and Selling anytime and from anywhere.

How can brands leverage Production Dashboard to create and manage live shopping shows?

  • Shopify store owners can create live shopping shows and assign the same to a host. Here a host can be anyone, an influencer, celebrity, KOL, industry expert, store owner, employee, or any influential personality who can speak well about their products. Refer to our step-by-step tutorial to know how to get started with live streaming commerce by leveraging the Live Stream Shopping app
  • Admin, having the access to the dashboard, can have full control over shopping shows. Event properties like Title and Description, Promotional Banner and Video, Date and Time, etc can be configured easily
  • Admin can gather real-time analytics during any show. We’re adding more real-time features to the production dashboard to make it powerful.
  • Check and analyze Engagement KPIs (Total Comments, Total Reactions) and Performance KPIs (Show Duration, Peak Time, Peak Viewers, Total Unique Viewers) of each shopping show. We’ll be adding more analytics in the coming weeks

Features of the Production Dashboard

  • Real-time live streaming control: Ban users from Chat  
  • Real-time live streaming control: Delete messages
  • Host management
  • Simulcasting (coming soon)
  • Real-time Engagement: Pin messages 
  • Product Spotlight 
  • Multilingual support (coming soon)

How Hosts can leverage the Broadcaster App to host live shopping shows?

  • Every Live shopping show created through the dashboard has a show “Host” associated with it. After entering the Login credentials, Store URL, and Public Key from the app landing page, a host can go LIVE by clicking on the “Go Live” button from the iOS or Android Broadcaster App
  • All the login details will be shared with a host via Email
  • The host can engage with buyers in real-time and build relationships with high touchpoint interaction
  • The broadcaster app is an effective live selling tool and enables HD video streaming with low latency
  • This method of collaboration is extremely effective because it provides customers with social proof of activities which makes a brand credible
  • Segregation of our live shop’s components eliminates platform dependency as a host can host a show well irrespective of geographical barriers

Features of the Broadcaster App

  • Preview mode (launched in Android, and coming soon to iOS)
  • See all the products to promote in the show
  • Product Spotlight feature
  • View and respond to chat messages of the audience
  • Apply beautification filters
  • See the count of live audiences, and the reactions they are posting
  • Flip camera to show products that might be laid on store shelves
  • Push notifications
  • Co-host (multihost) feature (coming soon)

Wrapping Up Live Stream Shopping platform is an efficient way to add live shopping to your online store and provide your buyers with a differentiated shopping experience from the comfort of their homes. The best part of our Shopify Livestream plugin is the segregation of the production dashboard and the broadcaster app. 

Because of this segregation brands can choose anyone to easily host their live stream shows while they have full control over them. Additionally, for hosts, this eliminates platform dependency and location restrictions. 

This makes the whole process of hosting a live shopping show lot easier and effortless for brands as well as for hosts, eventually leading to the following

  • Execute more shopping shows
  • Improved conversion rates and buyer session time
  • Increased repeat visits and buyer engagement
  • Enhanced product experience and better customer mindshare
  • Increased sales with accelerated purchase decisions
  • Higher net promoter score (NPS) amongst target customers
  • Lowered customer acquisition cost (CAC) and optimized advertising spends

You can Install our application for Shopify or visit our solution page to discover more.

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If you think Live Shopping is a great idea but don’t know how to get started, you can download our ebook for free and learn in depth.

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