How to run successful Live Shopping Shows on your Shopify Store

How to run successful Live Shopping Shows on Shopify Store ---- 6 min read

For anyone in the eCommerce space, the primary challenge is to get more Sales. There are definitely factors like seamless payments, returns and refunds etc that will help customers decide to buy, but you need to get them through that virtual door first to get your Sales. That’s where hosting Successful Live Shopping Shows on Shopify Store can help you win.

Live Shopping or Live Commerce is a great way for Shopify Merchants to boost their Sales and Engage with Customers in a whole new way. By effectively leveraging Live Stream Shopping, Shopify Merchants can successfully host different types of live shopping shows to build real customer connections replicating the in-store shopping experiences. 

In this blog, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about hosting live shopping shows on your Shopify store. 

How to plan Live Shopping Shows for Shopify Store 

You’ll need to carefully consider how you approach live shopping to get the most out of this tactic.


The host can make or break a live stream show. Brands need to choose a charismatic personality to host their shows which includes introducing products, showcasing their use cases and perks and interacting with audiences to trigger sales. 

Making the right choice for your brand starts with asking questions like these:

  • Who is the ideal person to host your shows publicly?
  • Do you have an inspirational founder you could use?
  • Could you partner with an influencer?

The Host of your Live Shopping Shows can be internal as well as external. It could be a member of your Sales & Marketing Team, your Founder, Influencers, Celebrities, absolutely anyone who can talk well about your Products to be Promoted and your Brand, as well as engage your buyer audiences.

A right host can make a notable difference to the success of your live shopping show. Partnering with a known influencer will encourage your audience to be a part of your live shopping show. Your show can be a big success if you further advertise it ahead of time.

Timing & Consistency

Decide when the best time would be to host your live shopping shows. Make sure this fits in with the lifestyles of your audience by considering who they are and where they are based. You can analyze your data in order to make more informed decisions. You can analyze your audience’s peak shopping times and when they tend to consume your content mostly.

Additionally, brands should also have a good frequency of Hosting Shopping Shows to build viewership and keep shoppers coming back. Brands must engage with buyers on a consistent basis and with a frequency that makes sense for their audience and brand. 

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Content Strategies

Live Shopping Shows can be centered around many Content Strategies. To find out what works best for your brand and products as well as what engages your audience best, you can try a few different content strategies. Here are some of examples: 

Product Unboxing: Beauty brands can have a host unbox a product, apply it to their wrist, show the texture, and smudge it to show long-lasting a product is.

Interviews: Interviews with industry experts can feel more personal, authentic and genuine and can be effective for product launches ultimately leading to brand awareness.

Behind the scenes: Live selling experiences that offer an inside story into a product or brand can help build trust with your audience. For example, Live shopping shows can allow a fashion brand with a strong sustainability mission to better showcase their supply chain and environmental awareness.

Tutorials: These work well for makeup demonstrations, to show a product in action, or inform audiences how to get the most out of a product. In addition, tutorials can be helpful to demonstrate how a product can be combined with other products to allow cross-selling.

Bonus: That’s not all! We’ve got more strategies in store for you. Refer to our blog and know more.

The best Live Shopping Platform

Researching Live Shopping Platforms can be overwhelming, as there are many factors to keep in mind when searching for the best Platform for your Brand. You want a Live Stream Shopping Platform that can grow and scale with your needs, has all the features you want, and won’t break your budget. Here is where Live Shopping & Video Streams App for Shopify by comes into play.

Our App can help Shopify Merchants to effectively engage with new and existing buyers directly on their website or mobile apps with Live as well as Recorded Shopping Shows. Unlike other livestream shopping platforms, our platform allows shoppers to add items to their cart and purchase without needing to leave a shopping show. Furthermore with our platform you can easily measure the KPIs that analyze the behavior of your customers during shopping shows! To know more you can visit our Shopify Integration Page and know for yourself.

You can refer to our Client Success Stories and know it for yourself!

Clients of Live Shopping Platform

Key Features

  • “Live Shop” page for your store
  • In-show Products Promotion, Product Spotlight, & Add-to-Cart
  • Live HD Video for amazing buyer experiences with Product Demos, Unboxing, Complementary Content, etc
  • Live Chat with Pinned Messages, & Reactions for the audience
  • Multi-host Selling Feature
  • New buyer’s interface
  • Host App (iOS & Android) for Hosts to go Live – You, your Employees, Influencers, etc
  • Production Dashboard – For store admins to manage shopping shows
  • Multistreaming & Custom RTMP Support
  • Shopping Show Analytics
  • Embed Shopping Shows
  • Real-time Products Update
  • Brand Watermark on Shopping Shows and many more!

Bonus: Want to get started? Here’s a Quick Guide for you.


We recommend devoting time to run a test show before the real show. This could be done with your team to see how your live shopping show runs and ensure everything works as expected.

Obviously, you don’t want anything major to go wrong during a live stream show, so preparation is key. If you only want to focus on five products or one range in your first livestream, that is fine too.

Bonus: Here’s a list of basic equipment that can help you make the most of your live shows. 

Follow Up

Don’t let all the effort of putting your live shopping show in place go to waste. Use the data you have collated for your shows for future show promotions. It’s also worth tracking livestream performance to gather insights so that impactful changes can be made for the next live shopping show. 

Email campaigns can be the best way to target your audiences post your shopping shows. enables you to download the list of logged-in watchers of your Shopping Shows. Your post-show mail could focus on:

  • Email survey to gather feedback about your show
  • Recaps or replays of the show
  • Thank you message
  • Winners announcement (in case you hosted raffles or giveaways)
  • Promotion for another upcoming show

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Livestream Shopping and Shopify

Online Shopping is fast and convenient, but the lack of human interaction is often missed. In an increasingly robotic buying experience, live stream shopping adds a necessary dose of human connection. What’s clear is that live shopping holds enormous potential for brands and eCommerce platforms alike.

Live commerce is likely to become a crucial part of the buying experience for many Shopify Merchants and the Live Shopping & Video Streams App by is the best option!If live shopping is something you want to know more about don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts by booking a FREE DEMO.

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