How to Choose Products to Promote in Live Video Shopping Shows

How to Choose Products to Promote in Live Stream Shopping Shows ---- 5 min read

The reasons behind the success of Live Stream Shopping are simple – it enables benefits like improved Sales, Brand Awareness, Customer Interaction and better Product Discovery and Buying Experiences. However, merely knowing these benefits does not mean brands can make optimal utilization of this ecommerce technology. 

For that to happen, they must choose a reliable Live Stream Shopping Platform, like the one offered by, and devise a strategy to sell and market their products. This brings us to the primary concern – How to choose the right Products to promote in Live Shopping Shows? 

Read through the article and find out the top factors to consider when choosing Products to Promote in your Live Stream Shopping Shows.

Products that Serve Customers’ Needs & Demands

By analyzing a product’s usability for your target audience, you can select the product to promote in your live shopping show. For example, if it’s summer, more customers would demand t-shirts from an Apparel Brand, right? Similarly, customers of a Skincare Brand would prefer buying lotions during winters.

Therefore, you must consider seasonal demands and use-cases that serve your customers needs. 

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Underperforming Products

Often there are underselling products that are good, but for some reason are not gaining enough popularity and are piling up in your storage rooms. Livestream shopping shows give you an opportunity to speed up the selling process of such underperforming products and boost the sales volume. 

A host can pay extra attention to products you’d like to sell more of. A host can make sure that such products are well presented and explained with dedicated space so they get an equal chance to get picked by customers. Furthermore, you can also apply  Promotions and Sales Strategies like running discounts, flash sales, deals, giveaways, and limited-time offers to entice customers.

Products to be Launched

A newly launched product has to gain the trust of consumers and create a need in their eyes. Hosting live shopping shows can be an effective demand creation strategy for brands wanting to launch their products. An unseen product can capture maximum customer attention with a real-time show. Hence brands can choose the product to launch during a live shopping show.

Its effectiveness can further be elevated by assigning a dynamic host or an influencer who can engage the audience throughout the show.

Pro Tip: By using livestream shopping, you can easily market your live shopping shows to a larger audience and make product discovery happen at scale.

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Products that target a Niche Audience

You are always successful when you sell curated products to a specific demographic rather than appealing to the masses. This allows you to address niche audience’s specific needs and pain points, which may be neglected in the wider market.

By selling products that target a niche audience you can become the go-to brand in your market for that specific audience, building expertise and credibility. Thus, this factor must also be considered when choosing a product for a live shopping show. 

For instance, Fashion Brands today are coming up with plus size clothing to target a specific demographic.
Beauty and Skincare Brands are launching products to cater to consumers with specific skin types.

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Products in Trend

In today’s dynamic world, you never know when a product will become viral or trending. It is therefore important to conduct market research to see if a particular product is doing well or is popular with customers, particularly Millennials and Gen-Z.

Choosing such a product undoubtedly has a better chance of generating bulk orders or repurchases during a Live Stream Shopping show. 

Products that Represent your Brand

Choosing products based on their brand friendliness is also a viable idea for their promotion. You may have certain products that are your Anchor Products – that your buyers identify your brand with. Selling such products results in brand awareness among customers, which can lead to community building and customer retention. 

The more familiar buyers are with your brand and its products, the better your reputation will be. Since you can showcase your products’ applications during a Live Video Shopping show, there are good chances of achieving lasting results.

How to Promote a Chosen Product?

Now that you have chosen the products to promote, the next step to figure out is how to promote them best. 

Also for your Live Shopping Shows you can leverage strategies to educate, entertain, and engage your audience while you generate sales. Be it taking viewers behind the scenes and inviting an influencer to collaborate or demonstrating a product while offering a limited time discount and hosting a Q&A session, brands can leverage and combine many such strategies. This will increase viewers’ enjoyment of your live show and will ultimately help you make most of your live shopping shows.

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In Conclusion

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