Why Brands should consistently host Live Shopping Shows

Why Brands should consistently host Live Shopping Shows ---- 7 min read

Live Stream Shopping surpasses traditional Ecommerce in numerous aspects as it represents you as an Interactive Online Brand, where customers can experience your Products well for informed and accelerated purchases.  

Livestream Shopping has proven to give much higher Sales Conversion rates of 12%+ than around 3% from normal Ecommerce experiences

Livestream Shopping has proven to give much higher Sales Conversion rates of 12%+ than around 3% from normal Ecommerce experiences.

Thus, brands should do everything to get large buyer audiences / watchers in their Shopping Shows and maximize their sales. In the past, we have spoken on important topics for maximizing impact of Live Shopping Events:
1. How to market your Live Stream Shopping Shows to get Maximum Audience.
2. 10 Content Strategies to make Live Streaming successful for Commerce!

Note: We’ll soon be sharing an article on how to Storyboard your Shopping Shows.

Additionally, brands should also have a good frequency of Hosting Shopping Shows to build viewership and keep shoppers coming back. Brands must engage with buyers on a consistent basis and with a frequency that makes sense for their audience and brand. 

Furthermore, as with any new sales strategy adopted by a brand, Live Streaming Ecommerce also needs time and consistency to show desired results. In the first few shows, brands might not get the desired results but if they host good shopping shows frequently, it will definitely benefit them.

Simply put, the more consistent a brand is with their Live Shopping Shows, the better the Sales Conversions will be. In this article, let’s decode why brands must consistently host Live Shopping Shows.

Helps you in understanding Customers

Live Stream Shopping is more than just a still shot of your product. Brands need to experiment with various ways to sell their products to customers. Explore different options, and try many things at first, and then go in the direction of what feels natural and gains traction from customers. It might take a certain time for brands to know what is giving them traction. 

Hosting frequent live shopping shows enables brands to understand their customers’ choices, needs and buying behavior which in return allows them to choose the most effective way to sell their products.

Helps you in Planning Shopping Shows well

Maintaining consistency in frequency of live shopping shows benefits brands in more than one direct way. Besides enticing customers, it also allows brands to make apt preparations for their next show. It also ensures that the brands stick to their schedule.

Activities like choosing the next host, storyboarding the show, deciding products to promote, preparing banners and most importantly, marketing the shows, etc take time, planning, and intent. Hence by announcing a Live Stream Shopping schedule, brands gain the time to plan for their shows while ensuring they follow a schedule properly.

Pro Tip: Besides frequently conducting live shopping shows, brands also need to Market their shows for optimal Customer Exposure. The goal here is to spread the word about your live shows as efficiently as possible and to as wide of an audience as you can.

Market their shows for optimal Customer Exposure

Boosts Customer Engagement for your Brand

Customer engagement is more than just having repeat customers. It is the significance of an emotional connection formed between a brand and its consumers. A highly engaged customer places more belief in your products, spends more on them, promotes them, and also shows more loyalty. 

Hence staying in touch and keeping customers engaged is an ongoing but ultimately rewarding process. Hosting regular live stream shopping shows enables brands to boost customer engagement and help them build stronger relationships with them. Thus being consistent with your shows is an investment worth spending time on. 

Informs Customers when to tune in

A brand conducting frequent live shopping shows means customers will know exactly when to tune in for their Shows. Even if customers cannot follow your schedule sometimes, they will make sure to check your Live Shop, looking for any new show – Upcoming or Recorded. 

With Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform, Buyer Audiences (logged-in) interested in being a part of an upcoming live stream shopping show can subscribe to a show and get notified. Additionally buyer audiences (both logged-in & non logged-in) can also choose to save an upcoming shopping show to their calendar. 

Notifying the buyers via Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform

When brands consistently host live shows and give customers something to look forward to, they ensure a set of audience will follow their Shopping Shows.

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Sustains a Community around your Brand

While many brands build communities initially, they ultimately fail to sustain them. A part of sustaining a strong brand community is engaging with your customers regularly and offering them a place where they have more opportunities for discussion, collaboration, and engagement. This way your customers start to identify with your brand and they can vouch for your brand’s authenticity.

Hence hosting regular live shows is an important strategy for sustaining a brand community in the digital-first world.

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Caters to new Customers

The more brands conduct live shopping shows, the more customers will notice them. This will capture new customers who are curious about your brand. A list of previously conducted shows with a set schedule of the upcoming ones will give ample content to these customers.

This way, customers will be able to understand your products and offerings. Also, your previous live shopping shows are bound to contain instances where a host must have addressed customer queries. This will create a positive image in front of your customers leading to an increase in the footfall for your live shopping shows.

Via Channelize.io buyer interfaces, buyers can have access to the list of past shows which they can click on to view and have insights about a brand and its products. Buyers can also access the list of upcoming and live shows.

Hosting frequent shopping shows with Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform

Hosting frequent shopping shows also makes buyers anticipate your Upcoming Shopping Shows as they get well versed with your products and offerings. This ensures more buyers attending your Shopping Shows – Past as well as Recorded, ultimately leading to more Sales and Buyer Engagement for your Brand.

Facilitates Word-of-Mouth Marketing for your Brand

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best organic marketing techniques. Achieving this voluntarily is challenging. However, frequently conducting Live Shopping Shows enables this benefit automatically.

A frequent interpersonal interaction with your customers will give you actionable insights about their preferences. Plus, the more they understand your products, the more satisfied they will be with purchases. This way, they will surely recommend your brand adding an extra layer of customer acquisition for your brand.

Consistency is the Key – Some Brands that have achieved success

We would like to provide you with examples of some of our Live Shopping customers who have achieved fantastic ROI by frequently hosting live shopping shows.

ND24 : Successfully hosted 75+ Shopping Shows

The most recent 5 shows hosted by the brand garnered : 

  • Average Live Engagement Rate of 25% approx
  • 150 Average Comments per show
  • 350 Average Reactions per show

Read the Success Story: ND24 redefines Online Shopping with Livestream Shopping.

Jungluck : Successfully hosted 15 + Shopping Shows
One of the most successful show by the brand garnered :

  • 200+ Maximum Concurrent Audiences 
  • Sales of 222 Products
  • 1204 show Viewers

Read the Success Story: JUNGLUCK commits to Live Stream Shopping for selling Beauty & Skincare Products.

The Quilted Cow: Successfully hosted 25 + Shopping Shows
The most recent 3 shows hosted by the brand garnered :

  • 650 Average show Viewers per show
  • 300 Average Comments per show 
  • Average Live Engagement Rate of 35% approx

Link of the Success Story: The Quilted Cow turns to Live Shopping for selling Quilting Fabric.

Yoka Fashion: Successfully hosted 10 + Shopping Shows
The most recent 8 shows hosted by the brand garnered :

  • Average Live Engagement Rate of 45% approx
  • Average Add-to-Cart Rate climbed up to 15% 
  • Product View Rate stood high at 55%

Link of the Success Story: YOKA Equipping Live Stream Shopping to Promote Informed Purchases of Apparel & Footwear Products.

WOW Skin Science : Successfully hosted 55 + Shopping Shows

The most recent 5 shows hosted by the brand garnered : 

  • 300 + Average Viewers per show
  • 200 + Average Comments per show 
  • 500 + Maximum Concurrent Audiences 

Read the Success Story: Live Stream Shopping: Ideal Fit for WOW Skin Science & More Beauty Brands.

*Our detailed Sales Analytics feature was rolled out in March 2022.

Establishing your brand requires it to be adequately visible at all times. If you are utilizing Live Stream Shopping as your Sales Strategy, then you need to connect and engage with your customers on a regular basis. That’s why it’s important to set a regular live show schedule. It may seem like a tedious activity right now, but it will benefit your brand in the long run. It may even become the secret to your success. 

Furthermore, by leveraging a reliable Livestream Shopping Platform, like Channelize.io, to conduct frequent Shopping Shows, you can unlock all the benefits for your brand. All you need to do is book a Free demo and reach our Live Stream Shopping Experts today. 

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