February 2022 Livestream Shopping Platform Updates

What’s new? February 2022 Livestream Shopping Updates ---- 4 min read

We wanted to celebrate the start of 2022 with something remarkable because we believe Live Video Shopping should be easy, enjoyable and give brands a high ROI. The new year has inspired us to fulfill even more plans, all aimed at making our Live Stream Shopping Platform better for our Clients.

Let’s get straight to the new developments in our Live Stream Shopping Platform this February!

Instagram – Simulcasting / Multistreaming

The more buyer audiences there are in a Shopping Show, more will be the absolute conversions in Sales.

Channelize.io Livestream Shopping Platform has already made it easy for Brands to attract large buyer audiences to their Shopping Shows. Amongst other features for this, we introduced Multistreaming for platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch etc. This time we have launched multistreaming for Instagram. Yes, you heard it right!

With this feature it is now possible to simultaneously broadcast the video streams of your shopping shows on Instagram, allowing you to connect with twice as many viewers as before, establish your brand and ultimately boost your sales without spending a lot of time and resources.

Want to multistream on Instagram? Refer to the Help Center to get started.

Multistreaming with Channelize.io Livestream Shopping Platform

Host Management

Hosts can help you build a super successful brand. How? By effectively hosting your livestream shopping shows. Our platform makes it easy for absolutely anyone (Founders, Influencers, Employees, etc), located anywhere, to host your Shopping Shows. We have now made it easy for you to manage hosts of your live shopping shows.

Store admins can now manage their hosts from the Production Dashboard itself by accessing the common host listing page. This gives admins the opportunity to view all the created hosts at once, edit their details (changing name, email ID & resetting password), add new hosts and much more.

In addition to adding a host when creating a shopping show, you can now do so directly from the dashboard anytime. Sounds awesome, right?

Host Management with Channelize.io Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform

Extended Language Support

Providing multiple language support for the buyer interfaces ensures your brand is able to reach out effectively to your target buyer audiences. This ensures the experience is inclusive and pleasant.

With this new update, brands can now present their live shop to buyers in Finnish, Danish & Slovenian languages. Earlier, we already had support for 14 languages namely Hindi, English, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Italian,  Spanish, Turkish and Polish.

What is the benefit?

The powerful feature will help your online community become even more involved in your brand since community members will feel more connected to it, resulting in improved customer retention and brand reach within the native country.

Speed & Quality Improvements

Buffering, lagging, and low resolution are issues that can be extremely frustrating and leave viewers with a poor reputation of a brand.

Our new update has made buyer experiences of  recorded shopping shows even better, thus yielding more sales and better engagement from your Past Shopping Shows.

More Analytics for Engagement & Sales

With the improvement in shopping show analytics store admins can now track their show performance, viewer information, and engagement for live as well as recorded shows. 

Channelize.io Live Video Shopping Platform Analytics for Engagement & Sales

Admins will have much better clarity of their show metrics with improved analytics UI and segregation. Also, the graphical representation of analytics helps interpret data at a glance and find better insights and reap the benefits of analytics.

Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform Analytics for Engagement & Sales

Sales & More

We are also introducing Commerce & Sales Analytics to the dashboard which will enable admins to track Add-to-cart Rates, Product View, Product Purchases, Sales and Conversions for live as well as recorded shopping shows. How insightful, isn’t it!

NOTE: This feature is currently in pilot and we will gradually be rolling it out to customers on our Custom Plans.

Stay tuned for more

Live streaming ecommerce definitely leads the way into the new era of online shopping, blending experiences to deliver an entirely new shopping environment. And Channelize.io is continuously working to make our Livestream Shopping Platform better and reach new heights for our amazing community. Check our more product update blogs and if you’re interested in a free demo of the Platform, click here.

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