Introducing Multi-topic Conversations

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Product News enables developers and businesses to integrate in-app messaging features in their Websites & Mobile Apps, for user-to-user, user-to-business, and B2B communication.   In many scenarios, you would want multiple 1-1 conversations to exist between such entities, with each conversation being related to a different topic. Many times, users would also want to keep their […]

New Release: Mobile Friendly & Faster Web Interface, Image Compression and More

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As Channelize users, you constantly provide us with great feedback as our product evolves. Your feedback influences every decision we make as a product team. Our team works hard to ensure that we are consistently improving the UI, adding new features, and providing better integration that will enable businesses of all sizes to deliver moments […]

New Release: Video & Voice Calling, Quote / Reply Messages, Member Tagging and More

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In today’s age, Digitally enabled businesses continuously strive towards higher efficiency and staying relevant to customers. Enabling smooth, engaging communication amongst various people associated with your business, like customers, members, service providers, etc, can reap many benefits. provides a real-time, peer-to-peer communication platform that can be leveraged by businesses of various types for growth. […]

New Release: Location Sharing, Messages Forwarding and More

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PrimeMessenger is a business tool that can help you grow your business in one or more of the following ways by facilitating and leveraging communication amongst your members, customers and partners: Increasing Engagement Increasing Retention Introducing avenues for Growth by achieving new use-cases Our development roadmap for new features and enhancements covers all the above […]

New Releases: Modular Architecture, Stickers & GIFs, Push Notifications Improvements and More

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PrimeMessenger’s goal is to help your business facilitate and leverage communication amongst your users, customers and partners. Depending on the type of business you have, this communication can serve different use cases, and contribute to your growth. Our new release contains new features, as well as enhancements, that will take engagement in your business & […]

New Releases: Meta-messages, UI-UX Enhancements and More

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PrimeMessenger enables better conversations on Social Communities, Marketplaces, Classified Platforms, and many other online businesses. The increase in engagement achieved with it and the numerous use cases it solves propels growth in your business. At PrimeMessenger, we know how challenging it is to keep users hooked. That is why we are continually updating our product […]