JUNGLUCK commits to Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform for selling Beauty & Skincare Products

JUNGLUCK commits to Live Stream Shopping for selling Beauty & Skincare Products2 min read

In this success story we will see how JUNGLUCK, a Germany-based skincare brand turned to Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform to cater to their consumers and to enable them to make the right decisions, eventually leading to sales.

Jungluck success story with Channelize.io Live  Stream Shopping Platform

Live Video Shopping is an Entertaining and Interactive antidote to static and crowded marketplaces of traditional e-commerce that fosters a dialogue between brands and buyers looking for Product Discovery, Product Knowledge, Entertainment, and Amplified Shopping Experiences.

Live Stream Shopping in the Beauty and Skincare Industry has great potential. Making purchases for Beauty and Skincare products requires a good amount of consideration. Different products are suitable for different types of people, and expertise is needed to make the right decision. Also, it is important that these products are applied in the best manner for desired results.

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JUNGLUCK is a Skincare Brand that claims to use natural and pure ingredients to leave as little waste as possible. The brand follows three core principles of Honesty, Sustainability, and Responsibility.

Success with Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform

Here are some of the use cases that Beauty and Skincare Brands can achieve by leveraging our Platform
1. Showcasing how a product looks on fingers and skin

2. Demonstrate the application of products specific to the needs of a shopper

3. Collaborating with other industry experts or influencers 

4. Highlighting the texture, finish, and feel of a moisturizer

5. Conducting live interviews or Q&A sessions

6. Streaming makeup/grooming tutorials and how-to’s

7. Streaming influencer or celebrity skincare routines

8. Comparing colour swatches

9. Launching a new product range

10. Conducting virtual makeup classes and running flash sales

Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform is helping the brand to drive customer engagement that instigates shoppers to check out and try out their products in an instant. Our Platform is helping the brand get the large-scale customer reach that is important for its success. 

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In Summary,

Today Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform is leveraged by brands across multiple industries to redefine their relationship with consumers. So what are you waiting for? Take the advantage of live selling and be a destination for a fun, entertaining, and enticing shopping experience. 

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Furthermore, if you would like to learn more about how Channelize.io can help your brand, feel free to book a free demo.

Disclaimer: The Brand name JUNGLUCK and the brand logo are properties of junglueck.de

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