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Introducing Live Stream Shopping for Shopify! (Updated) ---- 7 min read is back with yet another launch, and this time it’s huge! We’re thrilled to launch our Live Shopping & Video Streams” App on the Shopify App Store. Introducing Live Shopping for Shopify will enable Shopify Merchants to interact with their Buyers in a fun and interactive way, and reduce the path to Conversion.

Live Shopping & Video Streams plugin

The power of Live Streaming Shopping is now available to thousands of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Stores on Shopify!

Shopify Stores can use this easy-to-install App to Enhance Product Experience, Boost Buyer Engagement, and Increase Sales and Conversations via Live Streaming and Video Commerce. From launching products to promoting them, Live Stream Shopping can help store owners to engage remotely with their buyers at scale, in a human way.

Components of Live Shop

Three components will make up your Live Shop:

Shopify App: Provides a user interface for Buyers.

Production/ Admin Dashboard: Enables your Store Admin to manage the Live Shop integrated within your Shopify Store, and create Live Shopping Shows.

Host Apps: Enables the Host / Influencer / KOL / Brand Employee / Anyone you choose as Host for each show to go live and run that live shopping show.

Live Stream Shopping for Shopify – How it works?

Store owners of any size – small or large – can now install our Live Stream Shopping App for Shopify from the Shopify App Store, and achieve the following:

Create Shows & Events: For your store visitors and audience

Live Streaming Shows can be created and scheduled from the Dashboard. Event properties like Title & Description, Promotional Banner & Video, Date & Time, and Host details can be configured easily.

Each show can solve a different purpose for your brand, like:

1. Product Demonstration & Showcase

2. Product Launch

3. Educating buyers and spreading awareness

4. Special Deals & Discounts

5. Influencer Marketing and Brand Advocacy

6. Entertaining content that keeps your target buyer audience engaged

7. Telling your brand story

Pro Tip: Here are some other tips for hosting successful Live Shopping Shows.

If you Live Stream on Shopify using our Live Shopping App, it can be recorded to facilitate Video Commerce via playback. All shows can be shared on Social Media for better reach and results.

Buyer Interfaces: See Live, Upcoming, and Past Shows.

Buyers will be able to see a list of shows and click on anyone to view them. All interfaces are well-designed to maximize engagement and resultant sales.

Buyer Interfaces: See Live, Upcoming, and Past Shows.

Additionally, Brands can take advantage of the below-listed Features:

Floating Video Widget

With this feature, you can embed a Floating Video Widget on all, or selected pages of your website. The widget will become visible to all the users on your Website when a Live Show is happening. This automatically presents a video preview from your Live Shopping Show.

Floating Video Widget by

Email & SMS Notification

To optimize the effectiveness of Live Shopping Shows, proactive promotion is key. With this feature, Brands can notify their Buyer Audiences well in advance about upcoming Live Shopping events, followed by reminders closer to the Show date.

Email & SMS Notification by LIve Shopping Platform


With this feature, it will be super easy for Brands to broadcast the Video Streams of their Shopping Shows on various external Platforms at the same time. Initially launched for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch, this feature will soon be available for many more Platforms.

Simulcasting feature of Livestream Shopping Platform

Custom Branding

With this feature, brands can add their logo to their Shopping Shows. This will ultimately foster brand recognition and discovery.

Engage LIVE: Through Live Streaming and Chat.

Engage Buyers and connect with them in real-time. Give your Shoppers the confidence to buy by using features like Pin Message, Product Spotlight, Live Chat with Quote Reply, and more. All new features will automatically be available to stores using our Live Stream Shopping Shopify app.

Pin Message, Product Spotlight, Live Chat with Quote Reply features

Promote & Enhance Product Experience: Choose & Promote products with every show.

Promote products from your store during the events. Deliver product/service information audibly and visually with real-time product demos, and gain customer mindshare. All chosen products will be available for easy buying with our Live Shopping Shopify app during the live stream or its recorded playback.

Engagement & Commerce Analytics – Analyze & Grow Sales: Enhance your sales funnel and boost revenue.

Make live streaming more impactful for your store with every show. Accelerate purchase decisions for your buyers and drive sales with data-based decision-making.

Engagement & Commerce Analytics

Admins can track their Show Performance, Viewer Information, and Engagement for Live as well as Recorded Shows. Moreover, the graphical representation of analytics allows admins to quickly interpret data, find better insights, and reap the benefits of analytics.

Engagement & Commerce Analytics

Commerce & Sales Analytics also enable admins to track Add-to-cart Rates, Product Views, Product Purchases, Sales, and Conversions for Live as well as Recorded Shopping Shows.

Hosting Live Shopping Shows

Host Apps – iOS/Android

Hosts of your live streams could be you – the Store Owner, your Influencers, Brand Advocates, Employees, or anyone who can speak to your buyer audience about your brand & products, or deliver complementary content. Our Hosts Apps available for both iOS and Android are very easy to use and have innovative features like beautification filters, chat, etc to make your live streams successful.

With the Multi-host Selling Feature of our Platform, hosts and guests from different locations can seamlessly collaborate to host dynamic and engaging Live Shopping Shows.

Multi-host Selling Feature

Read More: How Brands can choose anyone to Host Live Shopping Shows – Influencers, KOLs, Employees.

Custom RTMP via Live Streaming Softwares

Live Shopping Shows can also be streamed using external cameras and professional videography setups via Live Streaming Softwares like OBS, vMix, Ecamm, etc.

Read More: Launching Custom RTMP Support for Live Stream Shopping.

Shoppable Videos for Shopify

Shoppable Videos are not just about facilitating purchases but also enhancing the entire product-selling journey. Shoppers can now discover, learn, and make informed buying decisions engagingly and dynamically. As a result, brands can thus expect Higher Sales Conversions and ROI from Shoppable Videos by

What’s more, our App makes it effortless for Shopify Merchants to integrate Shoppable Video Playlists into their websites.

With Shoppable Videos Brands have the opportunity to:

  • Reuse Instagram reels, TikTok videos, and YouTube videos on their Website
  • Engage and convert shoppers with a watch and buy experience
  • Shareable Video Links for easy sharing on Social Media to attract customers
  • Each Shoppable Video can solve a different purpose for your brand, like:
  • Product Demonstration & Showcase
  • Product Unboxing
  • Educating buyers and spreading awareness
  • Entertaining content that keeps your target buyer audience engaged
  • Telling your brand story
Shoppable Videos for Shopify

Benefits of Live Stream Shopping for Shopify

Using a Live Stream Shopping for Shopify Stores is the new way of selling online. It helps you deliver better product experiences and buyer engagement that online shopping lacks. It can give your store the boost needed for growth and broader reach amongst buyers. The perks of Live Streaming Commerce that we are sharing below are not exhaustive, and there certainly are many more based on how you use it:

  • Improved conversion rates, session time, and buyer engagement
  • Increased repeat visits
  • Enhanced product experience and better customer mindshare
  • Gather real-time analytics
  • Increased sales with accelerated purchase decisions
  • Higher net promoter score (NPS) and repeat customer rate
  • Lowered customer acquisition cost (CAC) and optimized advertising spends

Live streaming commerce & real-time engagement are here! Are you ready to take advantage?

Live streaming commerce and real-time buyer engagement are potential sources of innovation for businesses that will get you closer to your buyers and goals. Now you can leverage the power of and Shopify to build your brand and generate more Revenue!

It’s totally a win-win situation!

As Live Stream Shopping continues to grow in popularity, brands pioneer the new technology to bridge the gap between the offline and online shopping experience by creating a “hybrid” format. Live Stream Shopping Platform has helped 2000+ Brands across the globe to come closer to their customers, which is crucial to connect with existing customers and unlocking future generations. Read our Client Stories to know more!

You can also refer to our Step by Step Tutorial to go Live on Shopify to learn everything in depth and start selling LIVE or book a Free DEMO with us now.

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