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Black Friday kicks off the Holiday Shopping Season, and online shopping makes up a significant portion of Sales in this shopping period.Whether you’re an online retailer or an ecommerce merchant, you’ll need to concentrate on digital execution for Black Friday 2022 to drive sales and build enthusiasm among shoppers for the holiday shopping season.

Let’s see HOW much of a big deal Black Friday actually is.

  • The US online purchases in 2020 grew by 32.2% compared to 2019.
  • Black Friday 2021 saw 88 million Americans shopping online.
  • Millennials were the biggest spenders.
  • About 29% of women intended to shop during Black Friday 2021.
  • The average adult spent $430 during the shopping event in 2021.

Check out our list of 6 Black Friday Campaign ideas that will help you promote your products successfully, generate great Revenue and get the attention of your Shoppers.

Hosting Live Shopping Shows for Black Friday 2022

The mix of Live Video Shopping, Entertainment, and Commerce makes Live Stream Shopping extremely attractive. While for some shoppers this is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of how a product helps solve a particular problem, for others, it’s a great way to discover new products. Hence hosting Live Shopping Shows can be a great way to connect with your audience this Black Friday.

Excitement breeds excitement so build up anticipation. Here’s a few ways to make sure your Black Friday Sales explode with Live Video Shopping.

  • Host a livestream shopping show to debut a holiday collection
  • Promote a teaser campaign with hints of items or ‘spoilers’ counting down on a daily basis until the full collection drops
  • Do an extravagant, time sensitive giveaway, like 10x $1,000 gift cards given away on the same day the holiday collection launches
  • Partner with an influencer or industry expert to host a launch event 
  • Offer buying guides across a range of gift-giving categories 
  • Have live shopping associates on hand to answer questions, provide recommendations, and help shoppers during a livestream shopping show

Wondering how to get started with Live Commerce? We’ve got an entire guide dedicated to it. You can also see a walk through of Live Stream Shopping Platform and how it can help accelerate your goals while providing an exceptional Customer Experience. also offers Pre-built Integration available for the popular e-commerce platforms listed below, and we will provide extensions for other e-commerce platforms shortly. 

Make sure the plugins are installed and activated on the platform they belong to:




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Offer free shipping on all orders 

Black Friday is the perfect time to offer free shipping on all orders. Free shipping is an attractive bonus because customers are already expecting discounts and deals. Additionally, shoppers are more likely to make impulse purchases without being concerned about shipping fees.

Promote the offer on your website and mobile app to take advantage of this or send out emails and social media posts reminding customers of your free shipping offer. Offering free shipping during Black Friday Sales can encourage more customers to shop with you thereby boosting your Sales significantly.

Upsell and Cross-sell

Upselling and cross-selling are great ways to take full advantage of selling more to a current customer who is already on your website. Create combos of 3-4 complementary products that go well together and offer the whole package to customers at a discount on the total. On big sales days, such as Black Friday, when shoppers are actively looking for package deals for a lower price, these sorts of promotions work very well.

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Create a targeted Landing Page

Upon attracting a customer to your brand, sending them to your homepage might leave them feeling lost or frustrated. Customers value straightforward experiences and immediate solutions. 

As targeted landing pages are targeted to a specific product or offer, you might consider using them instead of sending your customers to a general landing page. You can use elements, such as banners and overlays, to help consumers locate your Black Friday Sales and Offers. You can also showcase countdown timers or  time-sensitive Black Friday to nudge visitors to convert.

Generate excitement through a Flash Sale 

Flash Sales are promotions that last for only a short amount of time. It is an exciting way to create hype and boost Black Friday Sales. It can be a few hours before the expected event or a day or two is also a good idea. 

An experiment involving flash sales showed a 51% increase in traffic, a 50% increase in conversion rate, and a massive 236% increase in revenue. Hence this can be good Black Friday 2022 Campaign Ideas for your eCommerce Stores. 

Generate excitement through a Flash Sale this black friday 2022

Email Campaign

Start your Black Friday Campaign by emailing your current and potential online consumers as early as possible, especially when your competitors are still figuring out what to do.There is no doubt that email marketing is a time-tested strategy to expand both your sales and your customer base. 

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Here are some ways to make this strategy effective: use a catchy subject line,  personalize your emails with offers that are specific to your consumers, send emails based on customer preferences or time zone. You can also share loyalty program policies amongst your customers via emailers to make your Black Friday Email Campaign successful.

Want to win this Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday in general, is a critical time for all ecommerce brands. As a result, competition is higher during this period than at any other point during the year.

To ensure that your deals, promotions, and products are the ones that consumers are looking forward to, start planning your strategy now by tackling the aforementioned tasks. If your brand wants to take its Livestream Shopping to new heights this holiday season, Book a FREE DEMO with us to see how we can help amplify your Sales.

P.S: For more Holiday Sales tips of course, with instructions on how you can execute to achieve success take a look at these BLOGS.

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