Turn Instagram Reels into Revenue with Channelize.io Import Feature

Turn Instagram Reels into Revenue with Channelize.io Import Feature ---- 4 min read

Rejoice Brands it’s time to turn every Instagram hit into a Shopping Success. Start today and watch your Engagement—and your Sales—soar! 🎥🚀

85% of Shoppers are influenced by visual content before making a Purchase, and Instagram, with over 500 million daily active users engaging with Instagram Videos, is at the forefront of this trend. Recognizing the immense potential of this Platform, Channelize.io proudly introduces the Instagram Import for Shoppable Videos feature. This innovative feature allows Brands to harness the power of their most popular Instagram Reels by converting them directly into Shoppable Videos within their Dashboard.

Now is the perfect time to import videos from Instagram and feature them as Shoppable Videos on any page of your website. Whether it’s the homepage or a product page, you can showcase these imported videos in various eye-catching layouts such as Carousels or Floating styles.

Why is this feature a Game-Changer for E-Commerce?

Instagram is not just for browsing anymore—it’s a direct funnel to your checkout. Your most engaging Instagram Videos can fuel your Sales engine, bridging the gap between social engagement and e-commerce like never before. How useful this can be!

Whether it’s a captivating Instagram Reel that garnered thousands of likes or a product Demonstration Video that piqued customer interest, these visuals can now directly contribute to your Sales numbers. This feature marks a revolutionary step in how brands can leverage social media content to enhance their e-commerce strategies.

The cherry on top? This feature is now available to all Channelize.io Clients at no additional cost.

Plan Specifics:

  • Free Plan: Clients can create up to four Shoppable Videos, aligning with the plan’s usage terms.
  • Paid Plan: Clients enjoy unrestricted access, allowing for unlimited imports of Instagram Reels and the ability to convert these into Shoppable Videos without any limitations.

Benefits of Instagram Import feature

Seamless Integration 

Connecting your Instagram account to Channelize.io is a breeze. With just a few clicks, your Instagram content is ready to be transformed into an interactive shopping experience. This seamless integration means there is no need for complex workflows or additional tools, allowing you to focus on what you do best—selling.

Maximizes ROI

The Instagram Import feature is not just about increasing Sales—it’s about enhancing the overall ROI of your content creation efforts. By repurposing existing Instagram Videos, you save on production costs and time, extending the life and reach of your content. Moreover, by embedding these videos across your website—from product pages to dedicated Video Playlists—you can keep visitors engaged longer, significantly reducing bounce rates and boosting conversion opportunities.

Increases Sales Opportunities

By making Instagram Reels Shoppable, Brands can open up new Sales Channels and opportunities, potentially increasing Average Order Values and reducing Cart Abandonment Rates.

Boosts Engagement

Frequent updates with new, trendy content from your Instagram ensure that your site remains exciting and dynamic. This not only helps retain existing Shoppers but also attracts new ones who are looking for a vibrant and interactive shopping experience.

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Steps to turn Instagram Reels into Shoppable Content

Step 1: Login to your Channelize.io Account > Go to Shoppable Videos > Instagram Tab.

Step 2: Click on the Connect button. A prompt will appear for you to enter your Instagram login details and grant the necessary permissions.

Maximize E-Commerce with Instagram Reels & Shoppable Videos | Channelize.io

Step 3: After granting permission, you will be redirected back to your Dashboard. You can now see your Instagram Reels and Videos.

Step 4: Choose the imported videos you want to convert into Shoppable Videos and click on Add to Library. Now, the selected videos are moved to the Library tab to be used as Shoppable Videos.

Turn Instagram Reels into Revenue with Channelize.io Import Feature Turn Instagram Reels into Revenue with Channelize.io Import Feature

Step 5: Tag products in each video and publish them. Your Buyer Audiences can interact with and purchase products directly through these videos.

Note: The Library is where all your Shoppable Videos are organized and ready for use on your website.


Channelize.io Instagram Import feature is more than just a feature—it’s a strategic asset for any Ecommerce Brand aiming to capitalize on the popularity of Instagram. As you integrate this feature, you’re set to transform every Instagram Reel into a potential Sale.

This allows Buyer Audiences to instantly purchase the products featured in Shoppable Videos with a simple click, leading to increased Sales and finally making your social media efforts pay off!

If you would like to see a Free Demo of these new updates, then please Book a Demo with us from here: https://calendly.com/channelizegrowth/30min

Happy Selling!

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