That Crazy Handbag Lady joining the Global Live Shopping Shift via

That Crazy Handbag Lady joining the Global Live Shopping Shift via ---- 2 min read

To make a mark on the market for their high-end products, That Crazy Handbag Lady wanted to offer Live Stream Shopping experiences that could generate Sales and Engage Customers. Hence the Brand chose the Livestream Shopping Platform and is now reaping the Benefits.

Live Video Shopping is a vital online shopping experience that customers now expect from retailers and by taking advantage of this now the brand is experiencing the following benefits:

1. Hosts using the Host App are the key to the success of TCHL Live Shopping, as they are relaxed and confident, resulting in smooth, high-quality Shows.

2. Analytics from the Production Dashboard showcases that almost all the buyers targeted through the newsletter are committed to watching the Shopping Shows.

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3. Going live frequently in the future will allow the brand to engage with a massive audience since they have a loyal customer base.

4. While connecting and engaging with their audiences on a deeper level during the live shopping shows, the brand was able to gain new buyers.

5. The brand is also extremely impressed with the revenue generated so far. 

All in all, TCHL was able to achieve its objective of hosting authentic and engaging  Live Shopping Shows with significant and ground-breaking results, using the Live Shopping Platform.

On the whole,

Why do brands need to invest in Live Stream Shopping? Simple answer: it offers a branded experience that is appealing to Shoppers.

Entertainment combined with on-the-go shopping can enhance conversion rates for eCommerce stores via Live Video Shopping.

With interactive product demonstrations and reveals, the Live Streaming E-commerce Platform has the power to quickly convert impulse buyers into sales leads. Additionally, our platform enables brands to generate a fair amount of consumer interest and bank on success in a relatively short time frame.

That Crazy Handbag Lady is not alone in their success. There have been many other brands catering to different industries that have experienced similar results after leveraging our Live Stream Shopping Platform. Refer to our client stories to know more. Try a Free DEMO today and see how live-streaming selling can transform your business.

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