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Live Videos are a lively, visual, and more engaging method to interact with an audience. Livestream Shopping Platform takes it a step further. Customers’ changing shopping habits and online shopping becoming boring are critical factors in the rapid adoption of Live Commerce.

This is what made Team LadyBug, an online store based in the foothills of Blue Ridge Mountains in Lynchburg, Virginia adopt Live Commerce Platform. The brand offers nail training classes, host nail art tutorials and sells nail art accessories

Livestream Shopping allows customers to understand products and how they work through a live demo. Audiences get a feel for real-life shopping experiences through real-time, unfiltered, and direct engagement, emulating a 360-degree experience.

Let’s find out how the brand is benefiting from Live Shopping Platform:

Enhances Customer Engagement

In regular online shopping, it could be tough to win back a lost customer. But, with live commerce, you can have the complete attention of your shoppers. Here, direct customer feedback is possible via reactions and comments and direct interaction between customers and the host. 

So with Live Stream Shopping Platform, the brand ensures superior customer engagement with interactive shows bringing back the human element to online shopping. Furthermore by hosting live contests and giveaways, they are able to retain the audience’s attention and keep them excited. 

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Better Tracking of Marketing Metrics

In typical online shopping, it becomes challenging to identify the customers who are satisfied with your products and who are not. By observing customers’ body language and facial expressions, Live Commerce allows the brand to understand their satisfaction levels. In this way, the brand can make out if their selling strategies are working out or not.

Also, the brand is able to assess data with engagement analytics + live stream analytics to form a real-time understanding of customer impact.

Full-funnel Engagement

From acquisition to engagement, conversion to retention, our platform allows the brand to do it all. They can track their entire customer lifecycle, from first impression to consideration to the conversion stage, and adjust their sales-marketing goals.

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In the Summary,

Live Video Shopping is the future of online shopping, and a brand that adopts live commerce aligns strongly with the needs of modern customers, specifically Generation Z and Millennials. Live Video Shopping Platform has been trusted by 800+ global brands across several industries. Getting started is as simple as booking a FREE DEMO with us.

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