New Updates of Live Shopping Platform

New Updates of Live Shopping Platform ---- 3 min read

We’re excited to share new updates of Live Shopping Platform that will further enable you to Host top-notch Shopping Shows on your Ecommerce Website & Apps. 

Let’s quickly take a look at what’s new:

SEO & Show Link Preview 

Search is one of the main ways by which people discover content online and ranking higher in search engines can lead to an increase in traffic to a Shopping Show (Live & Recorded). Thus to take advantage of this we have made our shopping shows SEO Friendly.

To achieve the SEO of the Live Shopping Show pages, we use Meta Tags. These Meta Tags provide information about the metadata of an HTML document. This information could be the title, image, and description of a Shopping Show.

Clients can share these shopping shows on various platforms like Instagram, Facebook and these shows will now be easily searchable by any search engine like Google. This makes promotion of shopping shows effortless for our customers. Isn’t it beneficial?

NOTE: The feature has been currently rolled out for Shopify Stores only.

How does it work?

Here’s how to add shopping show meta tag for shopping shows in your Shopify store:

Step1: Go to Shopify admin Dashboard > Themes > Action > Edit Code > Open theme.liquid file

Step 2: Add the following line to the top of the theme.liquid file: {% include ‘channelize-meta-tags’ %} as shown here.

SEO & Show Link Preview feature of Live Commerce Platform

Step 3: If you already have meta tag code in your theme.liquid file: {% render ‘meta-tags’ %} or {% render ‘social-meta-tags’ %} then you must make the below changes:

  • If you are using {% render ‘meta-tags’ %}, then please replace it with code: {% include ‘meta-tags’ %}.
  • And if you have this code in use: {% render ‘social-meta-tags’ %}, then please replace it with this code instead: {% include ‘social-meta-tags’ %}.

You can check this screenshot for your reference.

SEO & Show Link Preview feature of Livestream Shopping Platform

To know more, refer to the FAQ of the Shopify Integration Section of your Production Dashboard.

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Chat Optimisations

Chat is a big engagement driver for your Shopping Shows. It helps buyers connect with your brand, ask questions from your Host / Brand Admin, and be more confident of their orders from your Shopping Shows.

To stay ahead of the curve with Live Chat in your Shopping Shows, we have made improvements to the performance of our Chat. With these optimizations, our Chat is now smoother and faster!

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Chat Prompt during Live Show

To encourage users to use the Chat feature during a live show we have enabled the Proactive Chat Prompt. This is a non-intrusive way to welcome and motivate buyers to engage in the live chat during a show.

Here are the benefits of this feature:

  • Get more engagement in Chats
  • Improve visitors’ experience 
  • Increase customer satisfaction 
  • Turn visitors into customers 
  • More Sales 
Chat Prompt Feature of Live Shopping Platform

Production Dashboard Improvements

In addition, we’ve made some minor changes to the Production Dashboard, which makes the entire experience of creating, managing and moderating your shopping shows more pleasant for Brand Admins.

In Summary,

Live stream shopping is by no means a new trend and Brands across Industries have been turning to live stream shopping and witnessing a boost in sales, customer engagement and retention. And is continuously working to make Livestream Shopping Platform better and help our Client Brands across the globe reach new heights.

Check our more product update blogs and if you’re interested in a free demo of our Live Shopping Platform, click here.

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