New Product Updates for WooCommerce Powered Stores

New Product Updates for WooCommerce Powered Stores ---- 2 min read

We have exciting news for WooCommerce powered Stores!

The Team announces the addition of Floating Miniplayer functionality and Commerce & Sales Analytics for WooCommerce powered Stores. Now with these features WooCommerce Stores will be able to

1. Create an experience that really impresses shoppers, ensuring Boost in Customer Engagement and Retention

2. Develop the right Live Shopping strategies based on Commerce & Sales Analytics for Live Shopping Shows

Floating Miniplayer

This Miniplayer enables buyer audiences to watch Live Shopping Shows in a small floating player that floats in the corner of their screens. The Miniplayer is actually the minimized version of the Live Video Shopping player which allows buyers to watch Shopping Shows while surfing a brand’s website, product pages, add products to cart and proceed with buying, with no interruption. 

A buyer can also maximize the player at any time and watch a shopping show in the expanded format.

BONUS: This works for both Live as well as Past (Recorded) Shopping Shows.

With the Miniplayer activated for Live Shopping on your Store, you can see it in action if you open any Shopping Show and click on the Add-to-cart or “Know More” buttons for products as shown here.

Floating Miniplayer of Live Shopping APP

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How to get started with Miniplayer on WordPress?

This feature must first be enabled from Dashboard by Admins. Here are the steps to do so:

Step1: Log in to your WordPress account and navigate to the Admin Panel.

Step2: Select the “Live Shopping & Video Streams Plugin” from the left menu bar and open the Settings.

Step3: Enable the Miniplayer, and your changes will be saved.

Get started with Miniplayer on WordPress

Commerce & Sales Analytics

We are now able to gather Commerce & Sales Analytics for Live Shopping Shows on WooCommerce Stores. These analytics are visible in the Production Dashboard and will enable WooCommerce Store Owners to track Add-to-cart Rates, Product Views, Product Purchases, Sales and Conversions for Live as well as Recorded Shopping Shows. How insightful, isn’t it!

Commerce & Sales Analytics for Live Shopping Shows on WooCommerce Stores

By using Commerce & Sales Analytics brands can craft the right Live Shopping strategies to give best results, which could include things like:

  • Types of Shopping Shows: Promotions, Product Demonstrations, Unboxing, Complementary Content, etc.
  • When to host Shopping Shows.
  • Types of products to promote.
  • Hosts that are giving best results, etc.

In the Summary,

Combining the convenience of online e-commerce with the human element of shopping, live commerce creates an experience that buyers cannot get enough of. Live Shopping & Video Streams Plugin is the perfect solution for WooCommerce Retailers who want to captivate their Customers and Boost Sales.

Book a FREE DEMO today to learn more about our Platform and how it works. We’ll walk you through the entire platform and demonstrate how to use it effectively.

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