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In this success story we will see how ND24 is successfully leveraging the trend of Live Streaming Selling and reaching new heights.

Client success story

Shoppers want shopping experiences that foster human connections. As a result brands have to get more creative about how to provide relatable, meaningful engagements. This made Live Stream Shopping go mainstream.

In order to get a taste of retail therapy, shoppers are turning to their connected devices rather than shopping in-store. The rise in digital shoppers has also led to a rise in the expectations that shoppers have for interactive online experiences. Hence by offering livestream shopping experiences, brands transcend the typical eCommerce experiences but in an improved way. ND24, a Germany-based Nail Salon well known for over 20 years for offering professional nail art services and accessories. The brand is setting a completely new standard for online shopping by offering Personalized, Improved and Authentic Shopping Experiences to its customers by Leveraging Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping platform.

The brand is making the most of our Live Video Shopping Platform by showcasing product applications, nail art accessories, hosting nail art tutorials, giving behind-the-scenes look at their business, and engaging customers via storytelling.

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ND24 achieving success with Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform

For ND24, demonstrating nail art applications via livestream shopping shows helped their prospects feel more connected to them and their products. Furthermore, for audiences being able to interact with the host of a show to get answers to queries about colors, variants, usage and styling, builds up the level of satisfaction and increases the chances of them turning into customers. 

The brand has successfully hosted several shows so far based on different themes and is witnessing their Sales Conversion and Customer Engagement Rate doubling up Show after Show. 

ND24 achieving success with Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform

In Closing,

Live streaming ecommerce is a relatively successful and rapidly expanding phenomenon because it allows brands to engage directly and in real-time with consumers. Live video shopping hence molds a future for eCommerce that’s characterized by instant, highly social interactions.

Channelize.io Live Video Platform is not only effective for the Beauty and Cosmetic Industry like we saw in the case of ND24 but our Platform can play a major role in Sales, Marketing, Brand Enhancement and Customer Out-reach for brands across industries.

You can read more Success Stories of our Live Stream Shopping Platform to know how our Platform is being leveraged by brands across industries. If you’re looking to grow your business with the power of Live Shopping, then you can book a Free DEMO call with us and get started.

Disclaimer: The Brand name ND24 and the brand logo are properties of nd24.de .

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