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It doesn’t matter what fitness level someone is at or what amount they are willing to spend on a health product or fitness equipment, they always think hard before they hit ‘Buy’ on a health product or fitness equipment. 

Selecting the right gear or health supplement can be a headache for online shoppers. They don’t want to buy multiples of a product, nor do they want to buy something that won’t work and end up collecting dust in the corner, or resold at a loss. ‍All of this probably explains why the health and fitness industry experiences a relatively low e-commerce conversion rate, hovering around 1.96% as of 2022. ‍

Fitness and recreational gear are uniquely primed to benefit from a new wave of e-commerce quickly becoming a preferred method for many buyers: Livestream Shopping for Health and Fitness Brands.

Use Cases & Benefits of Livestream Shopping for Health & Fitness Brands

Here are some benefits and use cases of Livestream Shopping for Health & Fitness Brands:

Product Selection

The best use case of Livestream Shopping for Health & Fitness Brands is the simplest: Selecting the right fitness equipment or health supplement.

No matter the price point, fitness equipment, and health supplements are a high-consideration category. There are tons of technical specs to consider on top of age, gender, physique, personal preferences, etc while buying these. Being assisted by a host in real-time who can direct shoppers to the right product for their needs can make the shopping journey easy for buyers. 

Product Demonstration

When shoppers can’t get into a store to test out a product for themselves, the next best thing is seeing someone else use it in action. This is particularly useful for more complex equipment, such as an electronic bike, where the sales associate can demonstrate its unique features. 

The same goes for products with unique setup considerations for example a host can walk through how to take down a portable sunshade. In addition, a host can also demonstrate how to prepare a protein shake correctly.

Shoppers will always value the opportunity to see products from different angles during the demonstration.

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Learn about product fabrication

During a Live Shopping Show, a host can dig into the nitty gritty of a product’s manufacturing and materials. For example, brands selling activewear can talk about the fit and flexibility of activewear. A host can also discuss the type of closure a hockey pants has, such as a button or zipper. A host can also talk about the nutrient composition of a protein bar.

Collaboration with Fitness/ Health Experts

There are plenty of famous faces in the fitness and health world and collaborating with them for a live shopping show gives shoppers the chance to shop with them. Brands can generate huge buzz by inviting experts and providing a one-of-a-kind experience to their Shoppers.

During a Live Shopping Show, experts can talk about workout routines, diet plans, effective product usage, tips, and tricks. Whatever the case may be, shoppers can get in touch with experts in real-time to get their carts full. 

Complementary Content like Fitness Classes

Streaming complementary content is an added advantage of Livestream shopping for health & fitness brands that can enhance your brand perception and lead to brand loyalty. 

For instance, an influencer while live streaming for a fitness brand can show a new workout routine and also refer to a particular piece of gym equipment that the audience can buy on the go.
A Pilates instructor conducting a live pilates session can offer a 3-day free trial to brand’s audience

Complement Buyers’ existing routine

Peer into a shopper’s workout space to truly understand their setup and needs. Provide recommendations on what other products will further help buyers reach their goals during a live shopping show. This further leads to improved engagement and retention.

Reduce cart abandonment with real-time promotional offers

Live shopping simulates the in-store experience of working with a host, where that individual can recommend and even walk a buyer through checkout. Furthermore offering promotional codes on the fly can help close more sales and drop cart abandonment rates. Brands can also highlight limited-time deals and run flash sales during a live show.

Bonus tips: Here are some more strategies to make the most of your shopping shows.

Build relationships 

The beauty of Live Shopping comes down to relationship-building with shoppers. These connections can take place within a live shopping show, but they can also grow over a series of Live Shopping Shows. Hence Brands should consistently host Live Shopping Shows.

If shoppers trust your recommendations and expertise in an area, they’ll be more apt to come to you every time, ultimately driving higher-order values.

Selecting Livestream Shopping for Livestream Shopping for Health & Fitness Brands

We have helped 30+ Health and Fitness Brands achieve fantastic results through the effective use of our platform. Here are some examples.

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Hopefully, this article helped you understand why Livestream Shopping is worth it for your health and fitness brand. The authenticity provided by live video nurtures a better connection between you and your buyers. All while allowing buyers to buy with a simple click of a button while generating sales for your brand. 

If you’re looking for guidance on how Live Commerce can help boost ecommerce KPIs then we’ve got you covered too. 

Go ahead and book a FREE DEMO with us if Live Shopping Platform seems the right fit for you. We’ll discuss how we can elevate the buyer experience and drive more sales for your Health & Fitness Brand‍.

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