Livestream Shopping for Food & Beverage Brands – Use Cases & Benefits

Livestream Shopping for Food & Beverage Brands – Use Cases & Benefits4 min read

Brands need to work extra hard to create compelling lifestyle imagery and videos that can inspire the tastebuds of online shoppers when it comes to sales of food products and beverages.

The good news? The Food and Beverage Industry is going right, with the eCommerce sales for food and beverage brands steadily inclining via Livestream Shopping. A Live Commerce experience gives buyers a deeper experience of a ‘virtual tasting journey’ compared to a static website. Getting on Livestream Shopping enables food and beverage brands to offer all the information buyers could ever need to make a buying decision, and possibly even spend more. 

Additionally, during a live shopping show, a host can talk about product ingredients, upsell to a larger size, and even showcase how a dish or cocktail is prepared. This makes Live Commerce a perfect and beneficial choice for food & beverage brands.

Use Cases & Benefits of Livestream Shopping for Food & Beverage Brands

Here are some benefits and use cases of Livestream Shopping for Food & Beverage Brands:

Review health and nutrition considerations

Despite the fact that many brands post nutrition breakdowns on their websites. Buyers may still have questions regarding how a particular product fits into their diet. In particular, this applies to brands catering to certain diets, whether it be vegan, Keto, or some other nutrition-based angle.

A live shopping host during a live shopping show can effectively explain the nutritional breakdown, talk about the ideal serving sizes, as well as discuss their own personal experiences.

Bring in food and beverage experts 

Live Commerce can bring food and beverage experts into the homes of any shopper. During a live shopping show, a brewery owner can speak about their favorite cocktail recipe. A chef can explain how to blend the right spices for preparing a specific dish. A baker can demonstrate how to create the fluffiest frosting. Whatever the case may be, shoppers can get in touch with food experts in real-time to get their carts full.

Food preparation demos

A live shopping host can step into a kitchen during a live show to discuss how to prepare a dish, giving their pro tips and essentially conducting a mini cooking demonstration on the fly. Hosting food preparation demos in real-time can take things even further, particularly for products that are newly launched.

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Multiple product comparisons

Vanilla or chocolate? Mild or spicy? It can be easy to get overwhelmed without a human to talk to when there are so many variations and preferences within the food and beverage industry. Livestream Shopping for Food & Beverage Brands lets buyers get their questions out and get real-time feedback on what the right choice is for them. 

A Pro-Tip: In case of doubt, a live shopping host can endorse multiple items and suggest that a shopper buys both, resulting in a bigger basket size.

Understanding ingredients 

Buyers are more conscious of their dietary preferences than ever, whether they have health-based restrictions, ethical lifestyle choices, or calorie-restricted diets. Shopping for a new type of food and beverage means a new set of ingredients to consider. 

The benefit of Livestream Shopping for Food & Beverage Brands is the assurance that a food product will meet a buyer’s requirements. Hosts can also talk about certain ingredients and why they’re a part of a product. Speak about health benefits or production methods as a way to motivate shoppers about their purchase. 

Streaming Complementary Content 

A live commerce experience can be enhanced by streaming complementary content that can lead to brand loyalty and enhance brand perception.

For eg, an influencer while live streaming for a food brand can show a new workout routine and also refer to a certain diet to audiences.

A host conducting morning pilates or yoga sessions can showcase the available breakfast options.

Describe the flavors and tasting notes

You may not be able to taste pixels and bytes but a live shopping host can speak about the flavors a buyer might expect when purchasing a food item. In addition to being extremely successful in the wine and spirits categories, this type of experience can be useful for most food products as well.

For example, when purchasing salsa or hot sauce, shoppers may wonder how spicy it is. In order to guide shoppers in the right direction, a live shopping host can share their personal tasting notes.

Food & Beverage Brands using Live Shopping Platform

We would like to provide you with examples of some of our Clients belonging to the Food & Beverage Industry who have achieved fantastic Results. By effectively using Livestream Shopping for Food & Beverage Brands, you can also win at Sales.

Food & Beverage Brands using Live Shopping Platform

Food & Beverage Brands using Livestream Shopping Platform

Clients using Live Shopping Platform

Selecting Livestream Shopping for Food & Beverage Brands

If you’re looking for guidance on how Live Commerce can help boost ecommerce KPIs then we’ve got you covered too. 

Go ahead and book a FREE DEMO with us if Live Shopping Platform seems the right fit for you.

We’ll discuss how we can elevate the customer experience and drive more sales for your Food and Beverage Brand‍.

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