Live Shopping Trends Brands can’t miss in 2023

Live Shopping Trends Brands can’t miss in 20234 min read

Live Commerce is evolving and becoming more impactful, with new trends and technologies being promoted in 2023. By keeping up with these trends, brands can utilize these opportunities to drive Sales. In this blog, let us take a look at some of the key Live Shopping trends Brands can’t miss in 2023. These will undoubtedly unlock growth for brands in 2023.


Trend 1: Surge of Live Shopping on Brand-Owned Websites

As consumers are increasingly spending more time on their screens and shopping more online, the number of Live Shopping Platforms is rising. However, brands are beginning to realize the importance of bringing Live Shopping experiences to their websites.

Let’s delve deeper into the explanation for this.

A brand’s ultimate goal is to drive traffic to their website rather than building new strategies across different platforms.

Live Commerce is most effective when it is hosted on the brand’s website and then re-streamed to Social Media.

Hosting a live show on their websites also allows brands to fully control the shopping experience, including the ability to offer exclusive promotions, discounts, and deals.

Additionally, brands can use the data collected from on-site Live Shopping Shows to personalize buyer experiences and design better buyer journeys that amp up the overall experience. Hence, on-site Live Shopping Shows can be a powerful tool for brands to increase engagement, conversions, and customer loyalty.

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Trend 2: Personalized Shopping is going to be a priority for Brands

Due to its ability to provide best-in-class personalization, retailers are starting to explore how they can use Live Commerce to enhance the selling experience at scale.

It gives buyers a chance to inspect products up close, ask questions, and interact with product experts. Similar to a real-life shopping experience, this allows shoppers to fully immerse themselves in the shopping process. Hosting Live Shopping shows is an intimate, hyper-personalized experience for discerning buyers where the need for such attention to detail is necessary. 

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Additionally, one category where Live Commerce is expanding is luxury goods. Luxury brands are using Live Commerce to showcase their high-end products and create a more immersive, personalized shopping experience for shoppers.

Are you a Luxury Brand wanting to get started with Live Selling?

We have got you covered in this Article.

Trend 3: Greater use of In-house Brand Advocates

2023 will see a new crop of “influencers” unleash their influence at no additional investment. The rise of Live Commerce has brought about a new trend in retail: leveraging in-house brand advocates. Store associates are now becoming the new brand influencers, giving influencer marketing a new spin.

Brand associates understand products they are selling, so they can provide accurate information to shoppers. It is difficult for external influencers to replicate this level of expertise and knowledge, making in-house store associates more trustworthy and relatable.

Furthermore, by giving the in-store specialist more face time, retailers can create a more personal and human-centric experience for shoppers, which can help to build a stronger emotional connection with a brand. As a result of this trend, brands will prepare and empower their in-store associates to conduct Livestream Shopping shows.

Trend 4: Live Shopping shows to foster Community Building

No amount of technology can ever replace in-person communication, but for an eCommerce brand, an online community is as close as your buyer can get to the real thing.

For D2C brands especially, this is important because it brings together people who share the same values and want the same products. This predisposes them to buy your new products and bring in new organic buyers. And because this is your community, it’s a unique experience compared to public social media. 

Brands are thus increasingly using Live Commerce to highlight brand values and product features, engage with buyers in real-time, provide behind-the-scenes content, and above all, show authenticity.

Bonus tips: Here are some more strategies that can help brands foster community via Live Selling.

Trend 5: Brand leveraging Live Shopping to improve the selling experience of Sustainable Fashion Products

Brands are increasingly adopting Live Commerce to make sustainable fashion accessible to all while promoting environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Selling sustainable fashion products can be challenging, which is why selling in real-time via Live Shopping makes it easier for brands to aware shoppers to make conscious choices.

During Live Shopping shows, brands are showcasing the sustainable features of their products, such as eco-friendly materials, sustainable production methods, and fair labor practices. By highlighting these features, brands are educating buyers about the importance of sustainability and building trust with environmentally-conscious shoppers.

Brands are also collaborating with influencers who are passionate about sustainability to host Live Shopping shows. This helps to reach a wider audience and can help to build credibility with environmentally-conscious consumers. 

These are all the Live Shopping Trends Brands can’t miss in 2023.

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Summing up: Live Shopping Trends Brands can’t miss in 2023

The use of Live Commerce will enable brands to provide a human-first digital experience, adding a strong human presence that will build a connection with shoppers. Brands that stay on top of these trends in 2023 will be able to create more engaging and immersive Live Shopping experiences, reach a wider audience, and drive sales of their products. 

Brands should start experimenting with Live Shopping and embrace these trends in 2023 to capitalize on the growth of the eCommerce industry. 

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