Live Shopping – The best way to sell to Gen-Z in 2023

Live Shopping – The best way to sell to Gen-Z in 2023 ---- 4 min read

Generation Z has been called the most critical consumer group until now, and has a different view of shopping and consuming than previous generations. They are the latest to enter the workforce and have strong purchasing power. With a bigger demand for higher-quality items and monitoring their spending more closely, brands have to earn their place in Gen-Z’s wallets. In this blog, we will talk about the shopping behavior of Gen-Z and how Livestream Shopping can be the best way to sell to Gen-Z in 2023.


Let us look at a few statistics before we get started:

  • 88% of Gen Z are interested in Live Commerce
  • 61% of Gen Z would rather interact and shop from a brand online than visit physical stores 
  • Brands are seeing their share of younger shoppers increase by as much as 20% through the use of Livestream Shopping‍
  • Gen Z prefers to be entertained, learn new things, and experience the realness of products while shopping online
  • 88% of young buyers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support (50% say it’s very important)
  • Gen Z is fueling the mobile shopping boom. 79% of Gen Z are mobile shopping more often now compared to previous two years ago.

Here’s how Livestream Shopping can be the best way to sell to Gen-Z in 2023.

Live Shopping showcases Authenticity

Through original, barely scripted, and unedited live shopping shows, shoppers get a better sense of the authenticity and rawness of a brand and its products. Organizing Live Shopping Shows is an opportunity to personify a brand. By giving it a personality and a face, you provide an anchor to which buyers can relate. They are no longer facing a cold and rigid entity but actual human beings. Hence depicting authenticity and realness is one of the important factors that can attract Gen Z to your brand.

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Live Shopping fosters Mobile Commerce

Smartphones have become the preferred way for Gen Z to research, discover and purchase new products. Also, it is estimated that m-commerce will double between 2019 and 2023, eventually representing ¾ of total e-commerce sales. Hence brands today have no choice but to make their mobile experience a top priority.  

Live Stream Shopping is a good way to make the mobile experience more dynamic, and offer seamless experiences to Gen Z buyers. This will eventually foster mobile commerce and will give an image of a modern, dynamic, and community-oriented brand that Gen Z look out for while shopping.

Live Shopping recreates in-store Shopping Experience

For purely digital brands, Live Video Shopping is the opportunity to recreate a store atmosphere. Essentially, it allows us to compensate for the lack of warmth and humanity of digital by chatting live with an expert who advises as a salesperson would. Shoppers can not only ask questions about products but also try products indirectly through the live host. Thus offering personalization and interactivity via Live Stream Shopping can help you capture Gen Z shoppers this 2023.

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Live Content is Engaging

In comparison with traditional online shopping, live videos have more active buyer interactions. And this is the reason why Live Shopping Shows see an average engagement rate of 40%. Shoppers always want to be a part of a moment that’s happening in real time, especially if it’s a brand, influencer, or celebrity they admire.

Having that sense of “closeness” despite the screen of a phone or computer allows buyers to engage more with a brand. Hence engagement during shopping shows is a factor that can make Gen Z to Shop from you.

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Here are some more reasons why Livestream Shopping can be the best ‍choice for Gen Z shoppers:

Simplified Shopping Experience

The Live Shopping Experience provides a seamless and frictionless shopping experience. This means that shoppers can fill their carts and check out without having to leave the live experience.

Feeling of being Privileged

Live Shopping Shows give shoppers the feeling of being part of a privileged club through the limited-time deals and promotions that are usually offered only during a show. And thanks to the direct advice of an expert who seems dedicated to shoppers.

FOMO “Fear Of Missing Out “

Live Stream Shopping adapts very well to FOMO techniques, which aim to create the fear of missing a good deal. For example, an exclusive offer only available during the live show increases the sense of urgency and scarcity, pushing Gen Z to make a quick purchase.

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Live commerce, the Gen Z way

Live Stream Shopping is a phenomenon that perfectly suits the shopping preferences of Gen Z shoppers. It has already proven itself and is rapidly taking hold in the global e-commerce ecosystem. This is how Livestream Shopping can be the best way to sell to Gen-Z in 2023.

Be among the first to take advantage of its potential to differentiate yourself from your competitors, strengthen your customer relationships and increase your online sales. 

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But how to get started with it? Live Shopping is the ideal Platform to transform the shopping experience in your Store. 

We promise:

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  • Easy Going Live via our Host Apps, RTMP Support, Pre-recorded Videos, and more!
  • HD video and audio quality output with low latency
  • In-depth analytics with Engagement and Sales KPIs
  • Multicast over Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube
  • Our support team will help in your live strategy by sharing tips and best practices to attract, engage and convert your customers.
  • Prices adapted to all budgets and with no upfront costs

And more!

Over 800+ brands have already used Live Stream Shopping Platform to sell and market their products. You can read their success stories to know how they achieved it. 

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