Live Selling on Ecommerce Website vs Social Media

Live Selling on Ecommerce Website vs Social Media ---- 7 min read

Live Shopping is fast becoming a favored online selling method, showcasing significant benefits for online retailers. Brands globally are utilizing various platforms to engage their buyer audiences effectively. Deciding between Live Selling on Ecommerce Website vs Social Media involves critical considerations.

In this article, we’ll explore why you should opt for’s Live Video Shopping Platform to activate live stream shopping within your own website and apps, rather than limiting yourself to social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. This choice is pivotal in maximizing direct Buyer Engagement and leveraging full control over your Sales environment.

Live selling platforms allow you to stay closer to your customers by providing opportunities for better product discovery, enhancing product experiences, personalization, and communication. With Live Shopping Platform used on your Website and Apps, you get many more benefits apart from the ones above, which are not possible with social media channels. These benefits make our live selling platform more effective and definitely beats social media channels in comparison.

Here are some points that make Live Shopping on your Website and Apps with a more beneficial proposition for your brand than Social Media:

Live Selling on Ecommerce site vs Social Media

Easy & Seamless Integration Live Stream Shopping Platform is easy to integrate seamlessly within any website and apps with our API, SDK, UI Kits and pre-built integrations. In-fact this article shows how we make it easy to add Live Shopping on any Ecommerce platform within 10 mins, and start selling live instantly. Furthermore, the existing functionalities of your ecommerce store that you are accustomed to using will not be affected.

Plug-and-play integration plugins/apps are available for the popular e-commerce platforms listed below, and we will provide extensions for other e-commerce platforms shortly. 

Install and activate the plugins on their respective platform:





Bonus: With our Embedded Shopping Shows feature, brands can easily add Shopping Shows, both Live and Recorded, on their websites as well as any other web pages by simply Embedding a small Code Snippet. Shopping Shows can also be embedded on partner and 3rd-party websites, and can hence simultaneously Go Live at multiple places. If you choose to embed a shopping show on your website, you will certainly increase the traffic on your website.

Easy Adoption

Our Platform comprises a Production Dashboard for Store Admins that gives store owners the ability to easily create, run and manage Live Shopping Shows. 

Also our Platform makes it very easy for any chosen host for a Shopping Show to Go Live. Hosts can easily Go Live using our iOS & Android Broadcaster Apps, showcase and spotlight promoted products, engage with buyers in real-time and build relationships with high touchpoint interactions. This makes our platform very adoptable.

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Deeper Level Analytics & Data Ownership

When it comes to live shows, there is a lot of data that comes in, and it’s important to track the best metrics in order to have an accurate picture of a show’s success. A key benefit of Live Shopping on your Website and Apps with is the analytics tracking that aids to monitor the ROI you have made during a live show. 

By Leveraging our Platform, store owners can gather analytics for all shopping shows and can check and analyze Engagement KPIs (Total Comments, Total Reactions) and Performance KPIs (Show Duration, Peak Time, Peak Viewers, Total Unique Viewers) of each shopping show. You can also easily export the data of logged-in viewers and add it to your email campaigns for retargeting.

Reduce Overheads with your own Site

Social media platforms like TikTok Live are popular for their reach but come with high costs, typically charging about 15-20% in commission fees on Sales. In contrast, hosting Live Selling Shows on your own e-commerce site through allows you to sidestep these hefty commissions. This not only preserves your profit margins but also enhances direct engagement with your customers, ensuring a more personalized and cost-effective shopping experience. With, keep a larger share of each sale, improve buyer interactions, and strengthen your brand’s financial health—all on your own site.

Aadditionally, TikTok Live do not give access to First Party data of buyers and shoppers.

More Control on Buyer Experiences

Shopping shows on your Website and Apps give you full control on branding and buyer experiences. On the contrary, social media platforms have a lot of distractions, which makes your products and brand less likely to be noticed. 

Take advantage of our all-time Free Plan and get started with Live Shopping.

Buy during the Live Experience

Shoppers who wish to purchase through Live Shopping via Social Media channels will have to leave the live experience in order to do so. This can harm your overall conversion rates. And, with how distracted the shoppers of today are, this is not recommended. Live video shopping on your Website and Apps with takes the friction out of this experience and takes the ownership back to a brand.

As buyers are not required to leave a live show, they are more compelled to impulse buying leading to more sales.

Brand Loyalty

Live video shopping on your Website and Apps with leads to better brand loyalty amongst your buyers as the Engagement and Retention generated stays on your Brand’s website and apps itself. This also gives you many opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.

Brand Building & Recall

Doing Livestream shopping shows on your website and Apps with is a quick result driven approach and benefits you for a long term. On the contrary, live shopping on social media can gain you followers only for sometime but it has little long-term benefits.

Furthermore, Conducting Shopping shows on your own websites and apps help viewers to recall your brand more easily as it creates a brand image in their mind whereas when conducted on social media it fails to create that impact owing to multiple other content available. Thus leveraging our livestream shopping platform facilitates better brand building and recall.

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Custom RTMP Support

You can take full advantage of both Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform and your choice of third-party live streaming software with this feature. This will enable you to use live streaming softwares with features like Overlays, Media Source, Video Capture Device, Image Slide Show and make your shows more engaging and interactive. You can use external cameras or webcams and go live with a variety of video aspect ratios, such as 9:16 and 16:9.

The Best Part?

With this feature you can go Live with a pre-recorded Show. 

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Custom RTMP Support by Live Shopping Platform


If you are still not convinced and still want to use social media channels then you can simply leverage the simulcasting feature of our Platform. In this way you will be able to utilize the benefits of our live selling platform as well as of the respective social media channel. Isn’t this cherry on the top feel!

What’s more?

Some of the other notable benefits of conducting Livestream Shopping on your Website and Apps with over other platforms are as follows:
1. HD video quality and lower latency gives the best experience boosting engagement.

2. Leverage recordings (Past Shopping Shows) for post-live engagement and more sales.

3. To facilitate the whole process of integration, we show our clients a full demo of our livestream shopping platform and demonstrate how to Integrate it (Book a Demo). Clients can also refer to our Help Center and Blogs to add Live Shopping to their E-commerce Platform. How Beneficial!

In Closing: Live Selling on Ecommerce site vs Social Media’s Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform has proven highly effective at creating a sociable and personalized way to sell online, with the real-time element encouraging impulse purchases. Hence, brands worldwide are choosing live selling on their ecommerce website over social media, utilizing to provide customers with exclusive shopping shows.

This approach not only enhances the shopping experience by offering clarity and immediacy but also leverages the full potential of live selling directly within their own websites and apps, avoiding the limitations and broad competition found on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

We hope you can make the right choice for your brand now and book a Free DEMO or get in touch with us at with us at the earliest!

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