Email Marketing Best Practices to Promote Live Shopping Shows + 5 Free Templates

Email Marketing Best Practices to Promote Live Shopping Shows + 5 Free Templates ---- 4 min read

Live Shopping is a new avatar of eCommerce that doesn’t seem to stop and brands alike are using it to boost their Revenues. Maybe you have already fathomed the power of live stream shopping in the business world.

If so, you know that live stream shopping is an effective Sales & Marketing Tool. But it can yield even better results if you effectively promote your live shopping shows. How? 

Very simple! Notify your Shoppers well in advance about your Upcoming Live Shopping Shows, and after your shows as well.

From announcements, to invitations, to post show emails and everything in between, let’s take a look at what you should include in your series of ecommerce emails to effectively promote your live shopping show. 

Tip: With Email & SMS Notifications of Live Shopping Platform, you can now Notify your Buyer Audiences well in advance about your Upcoming Live Shopping Shows, with subsequent reminders closer to the Go-Live date.

1.The Announcement Email for your Live Show

Hosting a bombastic Live Shopping Show? Your customers probably should have the date boldly marked in their agenda!

This is where your show announcement email can help you get your customers excited about your live shopping show.

In this email, you’ll want to spark curiosity. How long before the show you send this email depends on what you’re hosting. You can keep the announcement email mysterious and follow up later with more details or you can share everything straight away.

Tip: Make your customers feel like they’re the first ones to hear about your exciting show. 

In the announcement email, you’ll include:

  • Description of the show
  • You can add a catchy banner image
  • Date and time of the Show
  • Host or the influencer name & details
  • The line-up for the show which can include activities like Product launches, Expert Tips, Free Deals & Offers etc
The Announcement Email for your Live Show

2.Show insights Emailer

In between the show announcement email and the actual date of the show, you want to keep your audiences in the loop. How do you do that?

Very simple! Target your audiences with the show insights email.

In this part of the ecommerce email campaign, you can offer additional information, like:

  • Newly added names on the line-up
  • Product teasers & offers
  • In-depth information about the Live Show
  • A personal message from the brand
  • Raffles or giveaways (goodie bag, anyone?)

3.Perfect the Email Reminder

People are busy. It is therefore imperative that you remind people of your upcoming show persistently, yet never in an annoying manner. But How?

Use a countdown to ensure people will know about it. For example, you can send them a SMS reminder two weeks before the live show and set reminders for the one-week mark, then three days, and make the final point of the countdown the live show day. 

Tip: You can experiment with the number of countdown reminders and customize your reminders to different audience segments for optimal results.

Show insights Emailer for Live shopping shows

4.During the Show Email

So, the day has come, and it is time to go live! Now you can engage people in real time.

This can be the most important time to remind your audiences to join your live shopping show. 

The point of ecommerce email marketing strategy here is to create anticipation. And, this can be achieved by adding a value proposition to your email. In simple words, audiences should have a fear of missing out if they don’t attend your show. Provide them with the highlights of the show and ask them to join at the moment.

During the Show Email

5.The post Show Email

Your show is over, but that doesn’t mean your show email campaign has to come to an end too. One more will do!

Your post show mail could focus on:

  • Email survey to gather feedback about your show
  • Recaps or replays of the show
  • Thank you message
  • Winners announcement (in case you hosted raffles or giveaways)
  • Promotion for another upcoming show

 Tip: You can segment this email so that only the actual attendees will receive your after-party email.

The post Live Shopping Show Email

That’s a Wrap

In spite of planning an amazing live shopping show, you struggle to promote it effectively. We know that feeling. That urge to trigger “FOMO” and engage with audiences is almost overwhelming.

We get it.

We hope this blog helps you with the best email marketing practices for ecommerce that tell you how to get more audiences on your live shopping shows. Whether you want to promote your live shopping show before it begins, during, or even after that, this blog can be your go-to live show promotion stack.

If you need assistance with anything else you can BOOK a FREE DEMO with us or visit our Solutions Page to know more.

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