Custom Culinary® embraces Live Shopping to Sell Ingredients, Authentic Flavors & Food Items

Custom Culinary® embraces Live Shopping to Sell Ingredients, Authentic Flavors & Food Items ---- 2 min read

In this success story, you will see how Live Shopping Platform is being embraced by Custom Culinary.

Custom Culinary® is the proprietary brand of Griffith Foods™ that has been providing foodservice professionals with real, authentic flavor solutions for more than 75 years. Helping clients anticipate changing consumer tastes and needs is at the core of what the brand does. Through authentic flavors, ingredients, food items and culinary solutions, the brand drives innovation for its customers. Live Shopping Platform is being embraced by Custom Culinary.

Selling Food Products and Ingredients via Livestream Shopping is big business today with brands selling thousands of products in a matter of seconds, and making a lot of money. Be it one of the below:

1. Taking a tour of the kitchen to show how your signature dish is made

2. showing backstage of a fine-dining restaurant

3. Conducting live tasting sessions, or

4. Launching new food products, flavors or ingredients

Our Live Stream Shopping platform is leveraged by new-age F&B brands including Custom Culinary® to get the large-scale customer reach that is vital for their success.

How Live Shopping Platform is helping the Brand?

1. Aids in connecting with new and existing customers in an authentic way through human interaction 

2. Hosts receive consumer feedback instantly on their products when consumers interact with them in real-time

3. Engage and educate consumers by offering product demonstrations and answering their questions

4. Business performance is improved through live engagement, resulting in an increase in sales conversion and a decrease in shopping cart abandonment

5. Establishes a seamless shopping experience with quick and informative purchases by buyers

6. Via livestream shopping shows, buyers can see how the dishes are prepared, ingredients and flavors are used during the cooking process and most importantly, how delicious they look in comparison to still images

How to get Started? offers a Live Stream Shopping Platform that focuses on keeping your entire live shopping experience smooth from start to finish. We enable you to create sales-oriented shows that allow you to interact with your customers while boosting conversion rates through seamless purchasing.

Apart from offering API, SDKs, and UI kits for integration in web and mobile applications, Live Stream Shopping Platform offers pre-built integrations for platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce & PrestaShop which makes adoption of our platform very easy for Brands. 

Furthermore, brands can also Shopping Shows, both live and recorded, on their websites as well as any other web pages by using the Embed Code Feature.

Contact us today to get started with a FREE PERSONAL DEMO to see how our Platform can take your brand to the next level.

Take a look at some of our client success stories to see for yourself! 

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