‘Consign of the Times’ uses Live Commerce Platform to win more Customers

‘Consign of the Times’ uses Live Commerce Platform to win more Customers ---- 2 min read

This Success Story shows how Consign of the Times uses Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform to humanize Customer Engagement and Boost Conversions effectively.

‘Consign of the Times’ uses Channelize.io Livestream Shopping Platform to gain success

Consign of the Times was founded by Carin Kirby in 2001 and became Miami’s first luxury and designer resale boutique, a well-known retail landmark on Miami Beach’s famed Lincoln Road for more than 10 years. Consign of the Times is committed to the ideal of pre-owned luxury goods at exceptional value with impeccable customer service at its forefront.

Using Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform, the brand is being able to achieve the followings:

1. Connecting with consumers directly and improving customer Engagement and Retention while generating Revenue.

2. Our Platform allows the brand to have complete control over creating and customizing the shopping experience for their viewers. 

3. With live streaming embedded within brands’ websites, personalized targeting can be achieved for the best-in-class customer experience.

4. Our Platform enables the brand to create a community built on trust and the brand’s value proposition.

5. Real-time feedback and suggestions are collected during live shopping shows that help the brand understand their customers and deliver a hyper-personalized shopping experience to customers.

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‘Consign of the Times’ achieving success with Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform

In the Summary,

According to a report, 66% of consumers want e-commerce stores to use digitally innovative shopping experiences. With live commerce on their websites, e-commerce brands can enhance customer interaction and bring their products closer to their customers. This provides a unified shopping experience and also increases brand’s popularity. If you are running an e-commerce store, you should consider incorporating Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform to increase your conversion rate by ten times.

‘Consign of the Times’ witnessing success with Channelize.io Live video Shopping Platform

Channelize.io Live Commerce Platform has established a solid reputation with 800+ satisfied global Brands across different Industries. All you need to do is to book a FREE DEMO with us and get started.

Disclaimer: The Brand name Consign of the Times and the brand logo are properties of consignofthetimes.com.

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