Chunks Supercharged Sales with Live Commerce

Chunks Supercharged Sales with Live Commerce ---- 2 min read

The success story shows how by using Live Commerce Platform Chunks enabled their consumers to discover products and spend more time exploring and purchasing products, leading to enormous sales.

Started in 2019 as a one-woman operation, chunks today have evolved into a dedicated team, growing the brand with purpose. Based in Seattle, WA, the brand designs and sells hair accessories.

One of the most successful shows hosted by the brand garnered :

Live Engagement Rate of 61%

Product View Rate of 50%

Add to Cart Rate of 25% Live shopping Platform is a formidable Sales and Marketing Tool. Indeed, it allows the brand to effectively achieve different business objectives as mentioned below:

Shorten the Sales Cycle

During a live shopping show, many factors lead consumers to transition quickly from product discovery to product buying. Interactivity in real time, desire generated by an entertaining host, reassurance elements provided during a show, and the emphasis on limited-time promotional offers all contribute to this.   

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Decrease the Return Rate Live Shopping Platform makes it possible to make an informed purchase. Live Chat allows consumers to ask questions about products or services to determine whether or not they are a good fit for them. Moreover, the demonstration of products allows consumers to appropriate them more easily when they receive them. As a result, there will be no disappointment and no returns.   

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Boost Brand’s Awareness

Brands who do utilize Livestream Shopping Platform draw a lot of attention to themselves as the live shopping trend is becoming extremely popular. This is even more true when the live shopping event involves influencers. Because of this reason Chunks is able to able to Reinforce its brand awareness by hosting live shopping shows with our Platform.

Building Consumer Loyalty Live Commerce Platform allows Chunks to present a human face: that of their teams and/or that of an ambassador. A live shopping experience is even more convivial because of its entertaining and interactive nature. This tactic contributes to building a connection between the brand and consumers. 

In Summary,

In order to remain competitive, retail brands must integrate live commerce into their Sales and Customer Engagement Strategies. In a world increasingly focused on online experiences, live commerce can boost conversions while humanizing customer engagement. Livestream Shopping Platform recreates store-like shopping experiences online through interactive, engaging and entertaining live shopping sessions.

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