BFCM and Holiday Season – Live Shopping Strategies for Skincare & Beauty Brands

BFCM and Holiday Season – Live Shopping Strategies for Skincare & Beauty Brands ---- 3 min read

BFCM and the Holiday Season is fast approaching, and for Skincare and Beauty Brands, it’s a golden opportunity to shine. Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) present a chance to boost Sales and create memorable experiences for your Buyers. This article will explore some effective BFCM strategies explicitly tailored for Skincare and Beauty Brands. From festive-themed masterclasses to email marketing campaigns, we’ve got you covered with ideas to make this BFCM and Holiday Season a glowing success.

Let’s begin with the Live Shopping Strategies for Skincare & Beauty Brands:

Masterclasses with a Festive Twist
Since you’ve already scheduled masterclasses, infuse a festive theme into each show. For example, host a “Holiday Glow” masterclass focusing on skincare routines for radiant holiday skin.

Exclusive BFCM Bundles
Create exclusive BFCM skincare and beauty bundles featuring your best-selling products. Announce these bundles during your live shopping shows, offering a limited-time discount to create a sense of urgency.

Festive Product Launch
Introduce a new holiday-themed skincare product or collection during one of your live shopping shows. Offer exclusive early access or discounts to buyers.

Festive Giveaways
Run holiday-themed skincare product giveaways during your live shows. 

BONUS TIP: Creating a Dedicated Calender for Shopping Shows

To help you make the most of the BFCM and Holiday Season, we’ve created a Live Shopping Calendar that spans from October to December. 

This Live Shopping Calendar includes all the major Holidays and significant Dates that can serve as strategic anchors for Live Shopping Shows.

By tailoring Live Shopping Shows to these Occasions and Dates, you can create engaging, holiday-themed experiences that resonate with your Buyers, ensure maximum Visibility and Engagement, and drive Sales during the busiest shopping season of the year.

Email Marketing Campaigns
Craft engaging email campaigns to announce your Holiday Season and BFCM deals, highlight key products, and send exclusive discounts to your email list. Segment your list to target specific customer segments.

Bonus: Apart from the use cases mentioned in the Article, brands can also experiment with other content types. Here are some ideas.

Landing Page Optimization
Create dedicated landing pages for BFCM deals and products. Ensure these pages are optimized for conversions with clear calls to action and Live Shopping shows’ descriptions.

Social Media Teasers
Start teasing your BFCM promotions and product launches on social media platforms well in advance. Use captivating visuals, countdowns, and sneak peeks to build anticipation.

SMS & WhatsApp Marketing
Send text message alerts and reminders about your BFCM deals to subscribers who have opted in for SMS updates.

Protip: Effectively Marketing these Shopping Shows can play a big role in making your BFCM a success. Here are some ways to do so.

Gift Cards and Gift Guides
Promote the purchase of gift cards as ideal presents for the holiday season. Offer gift guides to help shoppers choose the perfect skincare gift.

Maximizing Holiday Glow: Live Shopping Strategies for Skincare & Beauty Brands

As BFCM and the Holiday Season approaches, skincare, and beauty brands have a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression and boost Sales. By infusing a festive twist into your marketing strategies, such as hosting holiday-themed masterclasses, offering exclusive BFCM bundles, and utilizing various digital channels, you can create a buzz around your products that will resonate with buyers. Don’t forget the power of email marketing, landing page optimization, and social media teasers to build anticipation.

With these Live Shopping Strategies for Skincare & Beauty Brands, your Brand can light up the BFCM and the Holiday Season and make it a time to remember for both your brand and your buyers.

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