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The see-now-want-now mentality is rapidly rewriting online retail and brands are increasingly adopting Live Shopping Platform to embrace the same. In this success story we will see how The Quilted Cow is leveraging our Platform to achieve better engagement with their consumers, understand customer behaviour, build brand awareness, encourage impulse buying and generate massive sales quickly.

The Quilted Cow is a Missouri based quilt shop that originally opened as a clubhouse to gather and sew with friends in a welcoming atmosphere. After observing the trend of quilters traveling the area’s back roads on their way to vacation in Branson, the brand recognized the potential for accommodating quilters’ creative needs by offering a wider range of products and services, including an extensive variety of high-quality fabrics.

Client success via Live Stream Shopping Platform

Key Benefits of Leveraging Live Shopping Platform

Regardless of what side of the screen you’re on, live stream shopping via our platform is being embraced by both sellers and buyers. Here are a few concrete benefits of our platform that the brand is experiencing.

Drive Digital Sales

Live shopping shows create more digital sales because it is educational, entertaining, and interactive. Furthermore, it enables brands to immerse viewers in the shopping experience and accelerate the customer buying journey from consideration to purchase via the use of time-sensitive or exclusive deals and discounts.

Fosters Real Human Connection

Although eCommerce offers convenience and ease, it isn’t the best channel for fostering a connection between buyers and sellers. Live Shopping Platform provides a great opportunity for retailers to connect with their customers ‘human to human.’ It puts a face to the brand, gives customers real-time insights about the products they’re purchasing and adds an emotional component to the shopping experience.

Builds Brand Awareness

Getting in front of your target audience is the key to building brand awareness. This is exactly what Live Shopping Platform can help you with.

What’s More Live Shopping Platform is a feature-rich platform that offers brands a number of features. One such feature is Product Spotlight, which the brand The Quilted Cow leverages successfully in every show to drive sales. By spotlighting a product while talking about it or showcasing its application enables shoppers to see that product in action while adding it to their cart. This helps them make an informed decision.

Client success via Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform

Wrapping it up

Many brands across a variety of industries are using Live Shopping Platform today to redefine how they interact with consumers and ultimately drive sales. Take the advantage of live selling and be a destination for a fun, entertaining, and enticing shopping experience. 

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