SOVOL 3D offers Personalized Shopping Experiences for their 3D Printers with Live Stream Shopping

SOVOL 3D offers Personalized Shopping Experiences for their 3D Printers with Live Stream Shopping Platform ---- 2 min read

Electronics products are often a highly considered purchase which means that consumers looking to shop will need to be aware of the product, they need to understand how the product fits into their life, and how to leverage the product to its fullest. 

Thus it becomes vital for electronics brands to help buyers through the process of decision making which eventually helps in increasing sales. A great way to do this is to connect with consumers via a reliable Live Stream Shopping Platform.

Realizing the benefits of selling live, many brands across industries are leveraging Live Stream Shopping Platform and achieving their desired business results.

In this success story you will see how our Live Shopping Platform is embraced by SOVOL 3D, the brand that specializes in developing a series of maker machines and accessories with quality design, innovative functionality and reasonable prices. Within electronics, 3D Printers and maker machines make up a highly specialized sub-category.

By leveraging our platform, the brand reduced the number of steps a customer needs to follow to make a purchase. A customer does not have to scroll up and down the product page to explore its textual description or remember the product. They can see the product being demonstrated LIVE by the host, and ask any questions they may have. The combination of these makes purchase decisions much quicker for the buyers.

With in-show add-to-cart, a customer can simply add products to the cart and shop while being a part of a live shopping show. Our platform is helping the brand shorten the customer purchase journey and streamline sales like never before.

Apart from helping the brand generate sales, our platform is helping the brand to market its products as well. Recordings of past shopping shows can also be accessed by buyers, and hence those too contribute in influencing purchase decisions. Thus the brand is successfully leveraging our platform as an effective sales and marketing tool and witnessing phenomenal growth.

On a final note Live Stream Shopping Platform is an effective tool for boosting brands’ bottom line of revenue generation. It offers brands the opportunity to host product demos and launches on a real-time scale with active participation from consumers. Besides, it also enables brands to get valuable data depending on interaction with customers to fine-tune their future sales strategy. As a result, it increases the possibilities of closing sales and maximizing revenue.

Meet our Happy Clients who are taking advantage of Live Stream Shopping Platform and scaling their businesses.

Disclaimer: The Brand name SOVOL 3D and the brand logo are properties of SOVOL

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