New Features of Live Stream Shopping Platform

New Features of Live Stream Shopping Platform ---- 4 min read

Live Stream Shopping – July Updates!

We’re excited to share some amazing new updates that will further enable you to Host top-notch Shopping Shows on your Ecommerce Website & Apps with our Livestream Shopping Platform. Whether you’re a Livestream Shopping pro or just getting started, you’ll find our new features easy to use and they will definitely benefit you.

In this update, we focussed on the following:

1. Increasing Buyer Engagement with your Shopping Shows – Live + Recorded.

2. Making it easy for you, the Brand Admins, to familiarize with our platform and create your first Public Shopping Show.

3. Production Dashboard improvements to make it easier for you to create and manage your Shopping Shows.

So let’s dive in:

Confetti Effect

We’ve rolled out the much-loved Confetti Animation Feature to celebrate the Add-to-Cart action of Buyers. This creates a festive, celebratory effect which spices up the live shopping experience of shoppers. Fun! Isn’t it?

Confetti Effect of Livestream Shopping Platform

System Messages on Buyer Actions

This feature triggers system messages that appear in the Chat when buyers add Promoted Products to their shopping cart. Triggering such system messages during a live shopping show is key to boosting conversions as it instigates consumers to shop right away by:

1. Inspiring / motivating them through actions by other buyers.

2. Creating a sense of urgency to place order as promoted products may run out-of-stock. 

These system messages are generated in Chat based on the predefined settings for a live shopping show. Thus brand owners can choose to activate or deactivate this feature giving them more control over their shows.

We will be adding system messages for more buyer and host actions in our future releases.

How is this Beneficial?

1. It boosts Sales Conversions by motivating buyers and creating a sense of urgency as mentioned above. 

2. Engaging your customers via this feature is indeed the best way to encourage them to make a purchase right away.

3. This makes the whole shopping experience appealing for your customers while generating Sales for your brand.

4. Additionally, the host of a shopping show can also prompt the buyers to take actions based on these system messages.

System Messages on Buyer Actions of Live Video Shopping Platform

Create Test Shows

This is a powerful feature that will now allow Store Owners to create Free Test Shows before going Live to familiarize themselves and their Hosts with our Live Shopping platform. 

This can be an essential step for brands before the actual live shopping show as it helps them to rehearse live shopping shows and strategize better. This in return gives brands an opportunity to run through an essential checklist first to make sure that they have everything ready for their public shopping event.

What’s More?

With these Test Shows, brands will be able to test our Platform without exhausting the limited number of shows included in their plans. These test shows will be an additional benefit to make your live selling journeys much more effortless and error-free. Quite Helpful! Isn’t it?

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Steps to create a Test Show

You can create a Test Show easily from our Production Dashboard. Follow the steps below to create a Test Show:

Create Test Shows with Live Shopping Platform

Step 1: Click on the “Create Test Show” button in the header of the Production Dashboard.

Step 2: Basic details which include Title and Description, for your Show will be autofilled. You just need to add a Promotional banner, Products and Host for your Test Show.

Step3: Once you click on the “Publish & Display Publicly” button, your Test Show will be successfully created and published.

Note: You can see a label “Test” in front of your Test Shows on the Listing Page in your Production Dashboard.

Reactions Playback

The use of Emojis / Reactions during live shopping shows creates a positive customer experience. Letting audiences react through emojis increases their participation and helps in enhancing user experience by adding a little splash of colour, liveliness, and engagement to a live show. Now with our latest update we have made this feature available for the Past Shows (Recorded) as well. 

This powerful feature mimics the experience of Live Shopping Shows in Past Shows, wherein now audiences can witness flying emojis during a Past Show in the same timeframe as when the show was Live. In addition to improving the overall experience of your past shows, this also increases their stickiness.

Reactions Playback Feature of Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform

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Minor Dashboard Improvements

We have also made some minor changes to the Dashboard which makes the whole dashboard experience more enjoyable for the Brand Admins.

Stay tuned for more

Live Stream Shopping definitely leads the way into the new era of online shopping, blending experiences to deliver an entirely new shopping environment. And is continuously working to make our Livestream Shopping Platform better and reach new heights for our amazing community. 

Check our more product update blogs and if you’re interested in a free demo of the Platform, click here.

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