Moov Activewear delighting Buyers & scaling Sales via Live Stream Shopping

Moov Activewear delighting Buyers & scaling Sales via Live Stream Shopping ---- 2 min read

About Client 

Moov Activewear is an activewear brand run by and for women. In all their efforts, the brand strives to fuse the comfort of women with the performance of high-quality products and the values of sustainable development. The brand constantly iterates on their creative strategy to meet their buyers’ needs and improve sales. 


Moov Activewear’s objective to engage and entertain customers during the shopping experiences imposed an intuitive challenge. In addition, the client did not want to stray away from its informative approach, as consumers require proper guidelines to safely use fitness products. Accumulating all this in one promotion strategy was complex, given the nature and scale of the brand. The Team was asked to devise a proactive strategy to address fitness enthusiasts in the most compelling manner.


Improved and meaningful communication across digital is key for sportswear brands to nurture relationships and grow loyalty. Live Stream Shopping Platform helped the brand to conduct live stream shopping shows to offer a personalized and humane buying experience to their customers. Live video shopping for the sportswear brand gradually transformed the way the brand engages with their customers online. Live stream shopping comes with a fair dose of human connection and personal touch that is missing in traditional online shopping and which the brand is taking advantage of. 

Moov Activewear delighting Buyers  via Live Stream Shopping Platform

Furthermore, with our platform discovering and adapting to customer cues helped the brand deliver more resonating brand experiences. 

Here are some more ways how our live stream shopping platform is helping the brand: 

  • Easy & Seamless Integration
  • Quickly Generates Enormous Sales
  • Easy Adoption
  • Deeper Level Analytics & Data Ownership
  • More Control on Buyer Experiences
  • Builds Brand Loyalty
  • Creating a Community around the Brand
  • Higher Customer Retention Rate

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What’s more?

The highest Live Engagement rate achieved by the brand is 63%. Additionally, the brand saw over 80 purchases throughout all of their live shopping shows. Isn’t this great! Live Video Shopping Platform success story

The Takeaway

Looking into improved sales numbers and engagement rate so far, Moov Activewear sees enormous growth ahead. As live stream shopping has immense potential in the fitness industry hence several brands like Happy & Fit are enjoying great success by leveraging our platform. offers the best Live Stream Shopping Platform that focuses on keeping your entire live shopping experience smooth from start to finish. Our platform allows you to create sale-oriented shows that allow full interaction with your customers while boosting conversions through seamless purchasing.

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